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Panasonic's Features


UHS-ISmooth Video RecordingLong-lasting

Tough and Safe - in All Panasonic SD Cards -


  • X-RAY
  • plus
  • FUSE

Water Proof

The card is protected from water, sand, snow and dirt.

JIS IPX7 compliance: Operable after submerging the product in water (tap water, 1-m depth) for 30 minutes.

* micro SD - Excluding SD adaptor use.
* Card only.

Electrostatic Proof

Card data is protected from static electricity.

IEC61000-4-2 compliance: Clears Electrostatic Discharge Immunity Tests of 150-pF energy storage capacitance, 15-kV aerial discharge, and 330-Ω discharge resistance.

Shock Proof

High endurance against bending and twisting.

Magnetic Proof

Minimal damage from magnetic forces.

Operable after being set onto a 1,000-gauss DC magnetic field.

Temperature Proof

Operation is assured even under harsh temperature conditions.

A usable temperature range of -25 °C to 85 °C maintains stable performance everywhere, from extremely cold to intensely hot climates.

X-RAY Proof

The data is protected from X-rays at baggage inspections.

ISO 7816-1 compliance: Operable after 0.1 Gy (gray) of X-ray irradiation.

Built-in-Fuse for Safety

All Panasonic SD Memory Cards have a built-in fuse for  unexpected accidents.

What happens if excess current is accidentally supplied?