Check out the advantages of SDB Series for Professional Camcorders

High Data Transfer Speed up to 90 MB/sSpeed Class 10SICS (Super Intelligent ControllerProof5
Card CheckerQR CodeData Recovery Software

High Data Transfer Speed (read speed): up to 90 MB/s

UHS-Ι mode READ: up to 90 MB/s, WRITE: up to 25 MB/s

High Speed mode READ/WRITE: up to 23 MB/s

Dramatically cutting down editing time.

Handle large HD video data with higher transfer speed
Conditions: Use USB3.0 Reader/Writer Transfer 5.3 MB x 500 files

Even faster when using the USB3.0 Reader/Writer

USB Reader/Writer BN-SDCMAB

Measurement Environment

SD Card: Panasonic RP-SDB08GB1K
PC Environment:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 3.00 GHz
OS: Windows 7 (32-bit)
USB 2.0 Host Controller: Intel chipset built-in
USB 3.0 Host Controller: Renaissance (Formerly NEC) uPD720200
Benchmark Software: CrystalDiscMark v3.0.1a
Setting: 1000 MB, Sequential Read/Write

Speed Class 10

Reliable Speed Class 10 provides stable high-resolution HD/3D video shooting.

SICS (Super Intelligent Controller)

Beginning with the Super Intelligent Controller System, SICS, once understood, you will not be able to recommend any other card to your most demanding customers. The SICS has three primary functions.

Over 10 Times Longer Archival Life

The number of errors occurring with flash memory increases for reasons such as repeated reading and writing. If the number passes a certain level, the errors cannot be corrected and data becomes corrupted. Panasonic SD cards have an automatic refresh function that extends card life by using the Super Intelligent Controller to automatically refresh data before the errors increase too much to be corrected.

Power Failure Protection

If the card is removed or the power is turned off while data is being written to it, the Power Failure Protection function protects the data that operates the card and prevents the card itself from being damaged. Even if data that was in the process of being written is lost, any damaged areas in data that was previously recorded can be restored.

Smart Data Writing

Smart data writing technology equalizes rewrite frequency on each writing block in order to reduce defect risks. Without smart data writing, data will be repeatedly rewritten in specific areas, thereby damaging those areas. Thanks to Smart Data Writing carried out by the Super Intelligent Controller, Panasonic SD cards minimize defect risks and provide high reliability.


Card Checker (Free Download)

Card Checker Indicates remaining life of the SDHC card. You can check the card status before shooting.

* This is used on the PC or Mac in conjunction with the UHS-I adapter
* Available for Windows 7, XP and Mac.
* Works only for SDB-Series SDHC Cards with the BN-SDCMAB (USB3.0 R/W) Adapter.

The URL for downloading software is listed on the package when you purchase the product.

• The Adapter checks the inserted card for compatibility prior to running the program.
Below is the display that will show on your computer.

QR Code

An unique QR Code that can be used for Archival Location Tracking and Management of Content. Each card has its own serial number and thus, in an archival software application, you can track the card and its contents.

*This is exclusive for the SDB-Series.

Data Recovery Software (Free Download)

Used for recovering files on SDHC cards. This is a free downloadable program.

* Exclusive for the SDB-Series Cards.
* Available and works on Window 7, XP and Mac.

The URL for downloading software is listed on the package when you purchase the product.