UHS-I Compliant USB 3.0 Reader/Writer BN-SDCMAB

Procedure for Disabling the USB High-Speed Driver

Withdraw USB Reader/Writer, if it is connected PC.

All applications on Windows should be terminated.


Insert the included CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive. The utility software installation will begin automatically. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen. If the installation does not begin automatically, go to "My Computer" and double-click the "Setup" icon in the "CD-ROM*" folder.
(* Name varies depending on the PC environment.)

If you do not have the included CD-ROM or if your PC does not have a CD-ROM drive, download the utility software from the following website.

Following message will be shown. If you don't need to install USB Accelerator Driver, turn of check-mark, then click "Next."
Remove the Check mark

When the "Process is Completed" message appears on the screen, click "Close."

Depending on your PC, you may be required to restart the PC.
If a message prompts you to restart the PC, restart Windows.

After installing the utility software, connect the USB Reader/Writer to a USB port and check the SD card access.