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Global Training Program - Working in Japan

Zhuming - Assistant Director

Panasonic Corporation of China

1. Who are you and how long have you been working for Panasonic?

Hi, my name is Zhuming, and I have been working for Panasonic China since May, 2005.

2. What brought you to Panasonic?

I always dreamed of an international working environment in which I could express my ideas freely. I found self-realization here in Panasonic. I am empowered to realize my own recruiting proposals.

Before joining Panasonic China, I worked in other Japanese companies in China, so I have some familiarity with Japanese culture and business. I learned Japanese language when I was in high school. I still remember that I was very excited about the job description when I got the offer from Panasonic 4 years ago. Now, I am still enjoying coming to work and what I am doing everyday.

3. What is your current role in Panasonic?

I am mainly responsible for the Chinese local recruitment strategy planning, new-hire orientation, and recruitment event planning.

4. What is your career goal and dream?

Although I am already a manager now, I would like to build an efficient team in the future, to dedicate my efforts to promoting the brand image among Chinese professionals. And I would like to raise the brand awareness for campus recruiting, I hope Panasonic China will be the No.1 job place to enter among Chinese new-grads one day. This is my dream.

5. What is most rewarding about being in the Working in Japan Program?

In addition to working here, I have also got a precious chance to experience Japanese lifestyle and do a lot of traveling. I am lucky to get a chance to re-examine Japanese culture by my own observations, and I made a lot of Japanese friends in the company dormitory. My mentor was so kind to me, not only giving me a lot of assistance at work, but also taking care of me after work. I joined dinners and home parties with my mentors and colleagues. I met so much warmth. Moreover, I also got a chance to introduce Chinese values and culture to Japanese.

6. What is the benefit/contribution you would like to bring to your business unit after completing Working in Japan?

During this program I have been growing so much, even more so than during the last three years in China. Since I work face-to-face with my Japanese colleagues, I can build up a closer relationship on behalf of my business unit, and be able to understand headquarters' requirements better. Therefore, when I return to my country later on, I can serve as a bridge to share ideas and make the communications work smoothly, in order to reach the team goals.

Finally, my frame of reference is much wider now, so I can make more appropriate proposals from now on. I highly recommend this program to my colleagues in China.

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