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About Panasonic


Diverse People, One Spirit - the attitude and ability to work together with other peoples, for the benefit of mutual development

At Panasonic, every employee is connected to the worldwide organization, where colleagues around the world are sharing similar joys and challenges every day.

Our Global Work Force

The spirits of innovation has always been at the centre of our design ethos and management practices, and so it is with our global work force.

In Panasonic, we always believe that a variety of personalities enhances organizational vitality. By unifying distinctive employee characters, we strive for synergies when facing challenges and building further growth.

Meet Our People

I'm engaged in the development of products specifically designed for the Taiwanese market, including a portable CD player released to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Panasonic Taiwan, large-capacity tilted drum-type washer/dryers, and refrigerators equipped with an automatic ice making function. I earned the Silver Prize at the All-Matsushita Skills Competition for the second consecutive year. I'm always thinking about the development of competitive products, day and night.

Global Home You are here:About Panasonic > containsCareers > containsLife@Panasonic