Photo Fun Studio : LUMIX Salon

Photo Fun Studio : LUMIX Salon

Discover new hobbies

Why not make more room for hobbies within your day-to-day lifestyle?
Experience a "fun lifestyle with Panasonic" through all manner of scenarios. Feel the breeze with a comfortable bike ride, enjoy the night sky outdoors, or welcome pets into your life.
At Panasonic Center Osaka, we host a variety of hobby-themed workshops.
Come along and find a new hobby for yourself!

Presenting a fun lifestyle with Panasonic

Your pets live with you as part of your family. They need to be considered when you choose your home appliances.
Panasonic presents a lineup of home appliances that make living with pets more comfortable and convenient - from air purifiers that eliminate odors to handy LED lights for nighttime walks.


Our workshops are full of hints to help you enjoy your hobbies more and more.


Find ways to enjoy taking, viewing, saving, and sharing your photographs. Experience our latest digital single-lens cameras and take part in our photography workshops.