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Activities in Each Country

Panasonic is committed to an extensive number of citizenship activities around the world focusing on two key areas: the next generation, and the environment, in addition to providing assistance for disaster relief.
*The content of this page is information updated before September 2010. For latest information, please visit “Panasonic Corporate Citizenship News”.


Support for earthquake relief

Support for earthquake relief

Panasonic has made a total charitable donation of 10 million yen, five million yen each to the Japanese Red Cross Society and to Japan Platform, to help with the recovery efforts being made in the wake of the major earthquake that struck the Republic of Haiti on January 12 (local time).
The Panasonic Latin America Group has also provided three million yen worth of additional support in the form of equipment such as dry batteries and flashlights.
Meanwhile, Panasonic Corporation of North America has collected a total of US$60,000 worth of donation including 10 Tough book laptops from employees and company to be given to the American red cross.
(The donation amount as of Feb 17,2010)
Also Panasonic Europe Ltd. has collected a total of Euro 20,000 worth of donations from employees and 110,000dry battery and 2,400 flashlight from company to be given to Red Cross/UNICEF of each country.
Our company wishes to express its deepest regret and sympathies to those affected by this terrible disaster, and to offer our sincerest hopes that the Republic of Haiti will recover from the tragedy as quickly as possible.

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