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About Panasonic

Activities in Each Country

Panasonic is committed to an extensive number of citizenship activities around the world focusing on two key areas: the next generation, and the environment, in addition to providing assistance for disaster relief.
*The content of this page is information updated before September 2010. For latest information, please visit “Panasonic Corporate Citizenship News”.


Support for Local Hospitals

Support for Local Hospitals

In conjunction with a local dealer, Panasonic donated and installed a PBX phone system and cordless phones at a hospital located in the city of Beslan in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania which took in many victims of the 2004 school siege. Tripling its phone lines, the donation aided the hospital in contacting patients, family members and staff, and continues to aid the hospital in its mission to care for its patients. The company also helped bring cheer to the Morozov's Children's Hospital in Moscow by donating air-conditioners to heat the facility's operating rooms and holding a celebration in honor of Children's Day complete with fun-filled activities for hospitalized and neighborhood children.

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