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Panasonic & Sanyo Marine conservation

According to 2010 is the year of international bio diversity, Panasonic Company worldwide have launched activities "Panasonic Eco Relay" to conserve the environment by fixing activities between June and July. The Environmental Committees of Panasonic Thailand Companies organized voluntary activity "Panasonic Marine Conservation" on June 26, 2010 at Sea Turtle Conservation Center, Tambol Samasan, Aumphur Sattahip, Chonburi Province.
Totally there were 430 staffs and families of Panasonic and Sanyo companies in Thailand joined voluntarily the activities, releasing sea turtles to natural resource, cleaning sea turtles and ponds to eliminate pathogen and picking up garbage on the beach.
Chonburi province locates nearby Thai Gulf. In the past, sea turtles grew abundantly in this area. Nowadays they are faced with coast intrusions; sea turtles cannot lay eggs on beach. Moreover, a lot of sea turtles were hunted to sell for meat and bring their shells to make ornaments. This effects the number of sea turtles in Thai gulf are extremely reduced.
The area where the sea turtles go to lay eggs every year, remains only islands around Sattahip beach. Additionally, the survival rate of sea turtles in nature is also minimum approximately 3%. The sea turtle conservation center is responsible for growing and nourishing the babies of sea turtles before releasing them to their habitats.
Marine conservation project will not only ‘save the biodiversity of Thai Gulf’.
It's also an activity that Panasonic and Sanyo companies in Thailand contributed to the society.

Education Support Fund in Thailand

Panasonic Group in Thailand (20 companies as of 2010) has continued our CSR activities called ‘Panasonic Education Support Fund’ since 2007.
The project has brought gladness and relieved hunger from more than 2,710 children 36 schools, 9 provinces in Northern part and Northeastern part of Thailand. The 3 year-project aimed to provide lunch to school in remote areas of Thailand by providing 1 Million Baht to each province which the overall budget we have donated to children is approximately 9 Million Baht.
The project is conducted not only by donating money to children but we have also given this opportunity to our employees of the group and local dealers in each province to be a part of this pleasurable project. Apart from cash donation which is to support school lunches, lunch boxes, footballs, books and other educational materials are also provided to schools every year. By receiving reports from schools every 2 months, we are grateful that each school used our money as an extended project as well. For instance, small pig and vegetable farms were built inside schools in Srisaket province.
Though the 3-year project has already ended, there is a new project coming up in 2010. As we believe that to provide education to children is one way to contribute to sustainable development for Thailand, the new project will not only support fund for children, but also will educate them about environment issues so that we can ensure that they will grow up to be good adults in Thai society.

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