Design Center, Appliances Company
Appliances Company  Design Center
While working in a locally-oriented manner, the center is promoting equipment which can generate a new value in living spaces and development of premium consumer electronics products to generate people's yearning.
<Main products>
Refrigerators, microwave ovens, rice cookers, air-conditioners, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, beauty appliances, health enhancing products, TVs, DVD/Blu-ray recorders, audio equipment, housing equipment, digital cameras, video equipment, communication network equipment, etc.
Design Center, Eco Solutions Company
Eco Solutions Company  Design Center
The center designs equipment, materials and environments for both homes and non-residential spaces such as buildings and public areas. Our aim is to create comfortable spaces while reducing environmental impact and also to offer a new value through the design of tangible and intangible products.
<Main products>
Residential lighting fixtures, lighting fixtures for public and other facilities, environment lighting, electric lamps (including LED lighting), solar photovoltaic systems, wiring devices, distribution panel boards, HEMS interior furnishing materials, modular kitchen systems, bathrooms, sinks, toilet fixtures, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment, air purifiers, nursing care equipment, etc.
Design Center, Connected Solutions Company
Connected Solutions Company  
Design Center
The Design Center is in charge of design work on products and services offered by Connected Solutions company and Automotive Industrial company.
The center creates solution designs for enterprises/corporations through a customer-oriented design thinking approach.
<Main products>
Solution designs for entertainment, distribution, public construction, game, and aviation industries, PCs, projectors, cell phones, business cameras, security cameras, FA equipment, vehicular equipment (car cockpit, car navigator, etc.), infotainment, battery application product, etc.

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