【IAUD Award 2014 Grand Award】

Establishing the Universal Design technique of examine a fixed quantity Universal Design and internal authorize system

In order to create the products which are considered as Universal Design with high level continuously, we based on these three points as below.
1. Examining from the consumer’s point of view by using network between users. 2. Making the products more visible and fixed quantity by using the human engineering techniques. 3. inputting the development based on UD philosophy. Based upon these points, Panasonic has established the UD products development process from the planning stage to the promoting of the products after the release. We are creating more than 170 considered as UD products.

【IAUD Award 2014 Gold Award】

Hybrid battery Hoover which can be used as a battery at emergencies.

“Hybrid Electric Hoover” which can be used with or without cable as it has both functions chargeable and alternate current. This product can be used with cables for places where there are full of rubbishes and if users wants to clean properly and also can be used without the code forstairs and corridors, as well as for cars or for places without sockets. This one product correspond various needs. New invention of High battery charge function “High Power Lithium Eon Battery” can be used as a back-up for emergencies.

【IAUD Award 2014 Gold Award】

The Shower

Comparing to a Hand shower, it’s less pressure on the body, The users can feel as the shower is embracing your body and also it warms the body up simply by just sitting down. We’ve managed to actualise the shower which has wide and round with fine-grained by devising on arm and nozzle. And also, it is acceptable for any body type of users as the nozzle arm and the nozzle’s direction can be adjusted with precise angles. This shower can be attached in a 0.75 Tsubo size (24.91 foot) bath room for standing use or sitting down. We’ve actualized more various ways of spending time in taking shower.

【IAUD Award 2014 Silver Award】

Full automatic Toilet “Arau-no (with arm rest)”

We’ve managed to reduce the pressure on user’s legs and knees by using the arm rest when users stand up and sit down. We’ve managed to reduce the time of cleaning by using the organic grass material which repels dirt and it has self-clean function which cleans automatically with bubble and the quantity of water, each time it flushes. Moreover, having adapted “Triple stains guard”, it guards stains the splash of urine.

【IAUD Award 2014 Silver Award】

Risho Assist Bed ”Risho-ne” (Risho means to get out of the bed, and “Ne” means “Sleep”)

Risho-ne Assist Bed makes users easier to move from beds to wheel-chairs. Users who needs from helpers can easily adjust seating level, therefore their daily life style can be expanded as they don’t need to stay in their bed or room. Also, it doesn’t require many helpers, one person can easily control safely, therefore, the pressures on the helpers can be hugely reduced.

  • グローバルに対応した音声操作機能搭載テレビ
  • エリアルクスLED防犯灯:アカルミナ
Digital High Definition Video Camera HC-BKK1

The Winner of Encouragement Award: KDA Chairman’s Award

Digital High Definition Video Camera HC-BKK1 for Education

This friendly magnifying glass design Digital Camera for education has live broadcast function with easy key layout and pictogram. It can be used as a wide range of communication tool for intellectual training such as writing their observations of plants and animals in wild.
※You can also project the image of live broadcast or recorded video on TV screen or electric black board in the classroom.

The Winner of Special Award: Special Jury Award

Multiple Battery Light BF-BM10

Any batteries from D to AA can be used and no need to look for a switch to turn the light on as you just need to switch it on by turning the head part around.
By adding large type of handle on the compact body, we have made it easier to use even for children.
“Multiple Battery Light” have received good evaluations as it’s suitable for children’s hand to hold and useful to reuse the same batteries for toys, if you keep it in children’s room

  • CS-X404C2
  •  F-JDJ50
  • DL-P300
  • ER-GF80
  • XL958EFVKLA9
  • FY-12VBD1ACL
  • BF-AF20P
  • HC-W850M
  • HX-A100
Good Desgin
Vacuum Cleaner


Vacuum Cleaner


Vacuum Cleaner MC-JP500G is a product which we’ve challenged to create a friendly and made it as light weight as possible thoroughly by having researched for elderly people’s needs. We’ve managed to create the individual and beautiful appearance by using the texture of PPFRP material which is used for light weight.
We’ve received good reviews in terms of light weight yet having highest quality functions including handle part and interface which has elegant yet compact, using new novelty material, made it possible to reach high places by hovering with the nozzle which users can flexibly turn.

Multiple Battery Light


Multiple Battery Light


BF-BM10 is a multiple flash light which users can use from size D battery to size AAA battery and also can be used as a battery stocker to keep the various sizes of batteries. It has a large and useful handle and also can transform as a lantern by standing it up. It has been evaluated as the progressed product from the previous model which has received Good Design Gold Award in 2004.

Space Player


Space Player


Space Player NTN91000W/91000B has resolved the problems in dealing with electric sockets and cables when users attach the projector on the ceiling and it’s hard to remove it once it’s attached. We’ve managed to realize the epoch making philosophy of design which can make it possible to move places without any unnecessary constructions even after the users have alreadyattached it by using cable duct for lighting equipment’s.
It has been evaluated as a conscious design product for not only calculated, but also making the space comfortable by combining projector and lighting functions as a part of creating the atmosphere.

Wiring Devices Advance Series”


Wiring Devices “Advance Series”

Wiring Devices “Advance Series” has been evaluated in terms of how thin the plate is and the texture of the matt quality which is slightly lower than the usual switches and the white firefly lamp which the color has been taken out, also managed to disappear the existence as much as possible within the interior space, but at the same time it blends in the space and yet, users can control it with their instincts without hesitation.

  • NR-JD5100V/5100S
  • NR-E430GV
  • NA-F135X1
  • NA-FS160G2
  • MC-SXD430
  • SR-TMZ550
  • NE-BS651
  • NN-SF574
  • NN-GT684S
  • NN-CT353B
  • HL-CK644BBPQ/644SBPQ
  • HL-CK614SBPQ
  • NP-B6M1/V1
  • KY-B64CG
  • KY-B64CA
  • KY-E227D
  • TH-65AX900/55AX900
  • UN-JL10T3/15T3
  • SC-HTB170/65
  • SC-HTE80
  • DMC-GM1
  • HC-W850M
  • HX-A500
  • SC-NT10
  • ER-GP80
  • ER-GF80
  • ER-GB80
  • EH-NA56
  • EH-HE96
  • EH-SA95
  • NI-FS350
  • DS-FTX1200/FTS1200
  • BF-AF20
  • UT-MB5
  • SC-HC39
  • RP-HD10
  • RP-HJX10/20
  • RR-RX007
  • KX-HN6000
  • VL-SDM310
  • VL-SWD701KS
  • WV-SFV631L/611L/631LT
  • WV-SMR10
  • AJ-PX270
  • HC-X1000
  • QE-AL101
  • CY-DF100D
  • LJ-SG10A
  • SC-LT200/205
  • LED
  • Archi-spec FURO
  • Archi-spec TOI
  • HG-C
IF product desgn award
Clear Glass LED Bulb 40W equivalen

The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Invention Award

The Panasonic Clear Glass LED bulb

With Panasonic's ingenious technology and design, the Clear Glass LED bulb manages to provide the sparkling light and distinct warmth of a conventional bulb, maintaining a traditional shape while achieving energy savings naturally and comfortably.

Clear Glass LED Bulb 40W equivalen

Gold Award

Clear Glass LED Bulb 40W equivalent

LDAHV6L27CGE in the European market (LDA6L/C in the Japanese market)

'Modern Classic' LED bulb recognised with iF Gold Product Design Award for second year running.
By achieving brightness equivalent to that of a 40W incandescent light bulb, there is a wider possibility for application and in turn a significant contribution to energy saving.

  • CS/RS
  • F-GMHK10
  • NNF41870
  • SmartArchiLED
  • SmartArchiLED
  • TX-WT50E
  • RP-HXD3
  • BF-AF11
  • DMR-BZT9000
  • DMC-LX7
  • KV-S1015C
  • QE-QL301
  • CF-C2
  • HDC-Z10000
  • PT-RZ470
IF product desgn award
USB Portable Power QE-QL301

Bronze Award

USB Portable Power QE-QL301

QE-QL301 charges mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, with a USB connection. As a rechargeable battery, it can be used for long stretches of time and in a variety of settings. It features an easy-to-use interface and a simple design that is constructed of recycled materials.

【IAUD Award 2013 Gold-Award】

The activity for spreading the voice-reader product to aim the improvement for blindpeople’s quality of life, QOL (Quality of Life)

We are inventing the products such as TVs, Blu-ray Disc Recorder, IC recorder which has voice-reader function to support elderly people and users who are not good at using equipment. Especially, blind people’s expectation is high in voice-reader TV, we established collaborated promotion system together with Mitsubishi electric. We hold workshops and making leaflets as well as running the exclusive web site.

【IAUD Award 2013 Silver Award】

Voice-reader Function Global development

Since 2010, we’ve releasing TVs with the auto voice reader function, since 2012, we’ve added the function for overseas products also. In 2013, we’ve added 25 languages and promoted to Europe, Asia, North America total of 350 models. Panasonic supports non-disabled people as well as disabled people including elderlies with disadvantage in their eye sight and blind for watching TVs globally.

【IAUD Award 2013 Silver Award】

Solar Lantern

In many areas in the world where there is no electricity, people still uses oil lamp as lightings, therefore they damages their health as they don’t get enough light. This Lantern charges the energy itself from solar battery during the day time and also can be used as a battery for lightings in evening as well as for small electric equipment such as mobiles. This product can contribute clean and safe light to non-electric area.

Kodomo Satoyama Lab Tokyo Shintoshin

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Award

Kodomo Satoyama Lab

Tokyo Shintoshin

Kodomo Satoyama Lab Tokyo Shintoshin is a model house which has been designed and developed based on child behavioural psychology and child accidents. The house was built in collaboration with Sekisui House,Ltd., ACTUS CO., Ltd, KOKUYO Co., Ltd., JAKUETSU Co.,Ltd. and Panasonic Corporation.

Tohoku reconstruction assistance program “Smiling for Sure 2021”

The Kids Design Association Chairman’s award

Tohoku reconstruction assistance program

“Smiling for Sure 2021”

This program offers children in the Tohoku region an opportunity to take a stab at video production. This experience aims to help children face the present and to look forward into the future.

  • NR-F557XV
  • NA-VX8200L
  • FT60
  • HC-V520M
  • VL-SDM300
  • Windea-R
  • LED
  • LED
Good Desgin
Tilted-Drum Washer/Drier NA-VX9300L/R


Tilted-Drum Washer/Drier


Making full use of color and animation, the liquid crystal GUI touchscreen enables intuitive operation. Careful attention was paid to small details, such as the feel of the door opening and closing. This pursuit of craftsmanship from the customers’ point of view appealed to the judges.

Hybrid Power Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner MC-HS700G Series


Hybrid Power Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner

MC-HS700G Series

Equipped with a detachable high-capacity battery to enable cordless operation.
The MC-HS700G was highly evaluated for its realization of an excellent exterior without compromising basic functionality and usability.

Surface-emitting LED light - Panelumina


Surface-emitting LED light - Panelumina

Panasonic’s own light guide plate technology achieves a spread of light, emitting not only downwards, but also to the sides, so preventing dazzle while providing a more gentle brightness. This technology also allows the shape of the lamp to be downsized with a low-profile. The Panelumina was valued for providing a new concept to conventional LED light fixtures.


Long Life Design Award

Wiring Accessories Cosmo series wide 21

Its simple and easy-to-use design has become the standard for wiring accessories around the house. It was highly regarded for its evolving design and expanding product line-ups that have contributed to users' well-being and comfort.

  • NR-F568XG
  • MX-SS1
  • MJ-DJ01/MJ-SJ01
  • MK-ZG1500
  • NC-ZA1
  • NN-CS894S
  • NN-DF383B
  • NI-FS300
  • MC-BR30G
  • MC-PA330GX
  • F-PDJ30
  • ER-GB37
  •  ER-GS60
  • EW-DL22
  • EH-NA25
  • EH-NA65
  • EW-FA43
  • HH-LC711A
  • QE-QL104
  • BG-BL03
  • UN-JL15T2/JL10T2
  • SC-MC10
  • DMC-LF1
  • DMC-XS1
  • DMC-GX7
  • P-03E
  • VL-SDM110/210
  • WRT3470
  • KH-B90FBC1/KH-B90FBW1
  • NP-45M6
  • HL-BT62S/HL-BT62B
  • HL-BD82S
  • i-X
  • FC-75CR13S /FC-GTCR1S
  • SmartArchi
  • XL955EFVK
  • FYY56020
  • SmartArchi
  • PT-DZ870
  • AJ-PX5000
  • CF-AX3/AX2
  • DG-SW598
  • DG-SW458/458M
  • FP7
  • EJ-CM01NP
  • GM-06C10VAF2

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