Design Philosophy

Future Craft

Through dedication and thoughtful consideration for people and the environment,
our visionary designs connect us to a brighter future.
Attention to detail and refined craftsmanship are inherent in all Panasonic products
- this is the 'Future Craft' philosophy.

  • ・Create provocative, bold, attractive designs with an emotional connection, by honing in on the essence and characteristics of the product.
  • ・Utilize advanced, ecological technologies in a revolutionary, easy-to-understand way.
  • ・Provide a vision for the future to enhance people's lives.
  • ・Select the best materials and processes for a refined design.
  • ・Perform best design practices through attention to detail.
  • ・Create excellence in harmony with the surroundings.
Human Focus
  • ・Commit to safety and integrity.
  • ・Thoroughly consider all users.
  • ・Focus on the user perspective to create products that are highly useful and easy to use.
One with the Earth
  • ・Use the most eco-friendly materials and sustainable processes.
  • ・Innovate products that are easy to recycle and long lasting.
  • ・Add value to users' lives, while reducing the impact on the environment.

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