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Introducing our Products : Personal

Considered Designs for More People


Everyday Convenience & Being Ready for the Unexpected

In everyday life, it is an LED light for outdoors. In an emergency,it can be used to charge your mobile phone with solarenergy.

Compact Solar Light

Contactless Interior Light

Everyday: Gentle interior lighting.
Emergency: Automatically becomes a flashlight when tipped over.

Portable Power Supply

Everyday: Stores plenty of energy and can be taken outdoors.
Emergency: Power source that can be used to operate PCs, TVs, etc.

Any Battery Flashlight

Every day: Any battery of size D, C, AA, or AAA can be used.
Emergency: Can be turned on with only a single battery on hand.

Rechargeable Portable 1seg TV

Everyday: Portable, waterproof "Bathroom TV" connected via wireless LAN.
Emergency: Becomes a reliable battery-operated source of information

Rechargeable Lantern

Everyday: Outdoor lantern that can be easily carried outside.
Emergency: Continues to shine for 20 hours.

Windup Radio

Every day: Two speakers ensure sound clarity.
Emergency: The windup charger can be used for charging mobile phones.

Peace of Mind for People Living Alone

Wireless Door Monitor

See what's outside the door from anywhere in the house, on a wireless monitor device. Easy installation and simple operation.

Hands-Free and Safe

LED Neck Light

Placed around one's neck, the LED lights up a large area around your feet. When forcefully pulled, it unfastens for safety.

Safety and Convenience for Children

Hair Trimmer for Kids

The design focuses on safety, ensuring that the blades do not make direct contact with the skin. Maintenance is also simple.

Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush
(for Touch up Brushing)

The position of the light and switch ensure easy tooth brushing.

Hearing and Seeing Aid that Suit Each Individual

Hearing Instruments
Pocket Type

A stereo headphone style allows comfortable and easy use. By wearing it on both ears, a more natural sound is realized.

Hearing Instruments
Behind-the-Ear Type

Battery Discharge
Prevention Function

Easy to handle and operate. Daily maintenance is simple as the device can be stored in its drying case without having to remove the battery.

Portable Video Magnifier
(Active View)

Magnifies books, arrival/departure boards, and signages for legibility.

Communication Aid
(Let's Chat)

Enables communication for people with both speech impairment and upper body paralysis, by using slight physical movements to choose letters indicated by lights and voice guidance.

IC Recorder

Features large user-friendly display and buttons, and a voice guidance function for informing users of the control status.

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