1923 Developed and released Cannon-Ball-Shaped battery-Powered Shell Lamps.
Developed and released Cannon-Ball-Shaped battery-Powered Shell Lamps.
Released the "Excel Dry Battery" for Cannon-Ball-Shaped Battery-Powered Shell Lamps.
1931 Started In-house production of Dry Batteries in Osaka, taking over Komori Dry Battery's Factory.
1935 Established the "National" Storage Battery Co., Ltd.
Established Matsushita Dry Battery Co., Ltd.
1937 Released Automotive Lead-Acid Batteries.
1954 National HyperReleased "National Hyper," First Fully Metal-Jacketed Dry Battery in Japan.
1963 National Hi-TopReleased "National Hi-Top" Manganese Dry Batteries.
1967 Released Alkaline Batteries.
Developed Compact Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries.
1969 National Neo Hi-TopReleased "National Neo Hi-Top" Manganese Dry Batteries.
1970年 PananicaReleased "Pananica" Ni-Cd Batteries.
1971 Developed Lithium Primary Batteries (Graphite Fluoride BR Line).
1979 Established Matsushita Battery Industrial Co., Ltd.
1987 Ultra Alkali Panasonic AlkaliReleased "Ultra Alkali" and "Panasonic Alkali" Alkaline Batteries.
1989 Nickel Metal Hydride BatteriesDeveloped Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries.
1991 Mercury-Free Manganese BatteriesReleased Mercury-Free Manganese Batteries.
1992 Released Mercury-Free Alkaline BatteriesReleased Mercury-Free Alkaline Batteries.
1994 Developed Lithium Ion BatteriesDeveloped Lithium Ion Batteries.
2008 EvoltaReleased "Evolta" Alkaline Dry Batteries.
Established Panasonic Corporation Energy Company.
Released "Rechargeable Evolta" Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries. Rechargeable Evolta
2009 multipurpose lithium ion battery modulesDeveloped multipurpose lithium ion battery modules.
2010 Completed Suminoe Plant.
1964 Cadnica (Nickel-Cadmium:Ni-Cd) BatteryStarted operation of Sumoto Plant.
Started production of "Cadnica" Ni-Cd Batteries.
1973 Started production of "Cadnica" Battery Chargers.
1980 Started production of the world's first amorphous silicon solar cells.
1992 Installed Japan's first solar power system in private house.
1994 Cylindricaltype Lithium-ion BatteryStarted sales of the residential solar power system.
Started production of Cylindricaltype Lithium-ion Batteries.
1995 Prismatictype Lithium-ion BatteryStarted production of Prismatictype Lithium-ion Batteries.
1997 HIT photovoltaic moduleStarted production of HIT photovoltaic modules.
1999 Lithium Polymer BatteryStarted production of Lithium Polymer Batteries.
2000 Started sales of the world's first double-sided solar module, "HIT Double".
2001 Completed world's largest class photovoltaic generation system "Solar Ark".
2004 battery system for Ford EscapeStarted mass production of battery system for Ford Escape Hybrid.
Started mass production of battery module for Honda.
Started operation of Nishikinohama Plant.
2005 Started sales of "eneloop". eneloop
2010 Established Lithium-ion Standard Battery System Mass Production.
Started mass production of lithium-ion batteries for HEV in Tokushima Plant.
Completed "Green Energy Park" in Kasai. HEV in Kasai Plant Green Energy Park
2012 Established Energy Company of Panasonic Group
2013 Established Automotive & Industrial Systems Company

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