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Corporate Profile
Panasonic Eco Technology Center Co., Ltd.
50 Saho, Kato-city, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan 673-1447
President and director
Kazuyuki Tomita
Recycling of used home appliances, development, and verification of recycling technology
Products handled
designated products under the Home Appliance Recycling Law:
TVs (flat-panel and CRT), air conditioners, refrigerators/freezers and washing machines/clothes dryers
April 4, 2000
Launched operations
April 1, 2001
Area of site
approx 38,570 square meters
Floor space of structure
approx 15,100 square meters
400 million yen

(as of December 1, 2011)

*This site introduces Panasonic's home appliance recycling plant in Japan, which is engaged in material recycling under the Japan's Home Appliance Recycling Law.