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Panasonic Battery World

Connect with the Panasonic community at our global Facebook hub, which spotlights the latest info on our product family along with news and events from around the world.

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Tap into eneloop newsfeeds from countries all around the world for diverse and interesting eneloop news and information with a fun international flavor.

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funfun eneloopy Downloads

funfun eneloopy Downloads

Meet our funfun eneloopy mascot and enjoy a selection of free downloads, from colorful wallpapers to entertaining kids’ activities.


Battery Global YouTube

Battery Global

Learn more at our dedicated Battery Global YouTube channel, with news and information about Panasonic primary battery products in action around the world.

eneloop Global Youtube

eneloop Global

There’s no better way to get a deeper insight into our vision for eneloop than through the videos available on our global YouTube portal.

EVOLTA Global Youtube


See EVOLTA products in action and discover how our products are making a positive impact on our community at the EVOLTA global YouTube channel.