Global Design Awards

Since the first-generation products were released in 2005, eneloop, its unique environmentally friendly packaging, and associated eneloop family products have continued to be recognized with some of the world’s most prestigious design accolades, including numerous iF Design Awards from Germany. So don’t just take our word for it—see for yourself why eneloop is the world’s most innovative rechargeable cell.

2015iF Design Award

eneloop tones tropical wins iF Product Design Award 2015

Cell design

This Ni-MH battery is rechargeable up to 2,100 times and represents a cost-effective alternative to disposable batteries. The eneloop tones tropical concept promotes sustainability and ecological awareness with exceptionally long life, retaining 70 percent of its energy even after five years in storage. Its eye-catching natural colors also serve a practical purpose, helping users to distinguish between charged cells and those needing replenishment. All batteries ship fully charged with solar energy.

eneloop tones tropical wins iF Package Design Award 2015

Packaging design

Ecological sustainability is carried through to product packaging, which is made of recycled PET for easy recycling after disposal. Furthermore, the packaging doubles as a battery carry-case, allowing users to protect their investment while minimizing wastage. Both reusability and recyclability helped eneloop tones tropical to victory in the packaging category—another in a total of 22 Panasonic products to receive recognition at the 2015 iF Design Awards.

2014iF Design Award

Smart & Quick Charger wins iF Product Design Award

With the ability to recharge two eneloop AA cells in just two hours, the Smart & Quick Charger makes changing to a sustainable lifestyle more convenient. The charger detects battery condition for optimal recharging, can accept any combination of AA/AAA cells, features timer and auto shutoff, and has LEDs to indicate charging progress.

Solar Lantern wins iF Product Design Award

The iF Award for our Solar Lantern, meanwhile, recognizes Panasonic’s commitment to providing sustainable choices for people in developing countries. The weatherproof LED lantern has an internal nickel-metal hydride battery that is recharged using a separate HIT® solar panel, supplies up to 90 hours of illumination on its “Low” setting, and can be recharged in just six hours in fine conditions. It also has a USB charging outlet for mobile devices.

iF Awards Rank Panasonic 5th in the World

Panasonic Design presents a variety of products for evaluation in the iF Awards every year. Consistently high performance in these awards—which are proof to consumers of high product quality—has Panasonic ranked as the fifth best-performing design company in the world. This recognition further cements consumer confidence in our brand while inspiring ever-greater levels of innovation.

Other eneloop Achievements

iF Products Design Award

  • 2015: eneloop tones tropical (Product)
  • 2015: eneloop tones tropical (Packaging)
  • 2013: eneloop tones chocolat
  • 2013: eneloop tones uomo
  • 2012: eneloop pro
  • 2012: eneloop plus
  • 2012: eneloop tones glitter
  • 2011: eneloop tones

Good Design Award (Japan)

  • 2012: eneloop tones chocolat
  • 2011: eneloop pro
  • 2011: eneloop plus
  • 2011: eneloop tones glitter
  • 2010: eneloop lite
  • 2010: eneloop tones
  • 2008: eneloop C/D