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With over 80 years of battery manufacturing expertise Panasonic delivers long lasting alkaline and carbon zinc batteries that feature enhanced shelf life, short circuit safety and anti-leak technologies.

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eneloop ready to use rechargeable batteries deliver the perfect blend of power (2000mAh), rechargeability (recharge up to 1800 times), and shelf life (hold 70% of their charge after 5 years of non-use).

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Battery Products

As a leader in battery technology for laptops, cell phones, solar panels, HEV automobiles, and consumer batteries, Panasonic has an increasing number of consumer devices powered by ingenious battery technology.

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eneloop XX High Capacity ready to use rechargeable batteries deliver higher power (2500mAh) for energy hungry devices. XX cells can recharge up to 500 times, and hold 85% of charge up to one year.

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