Suitable for cold weather & enjoy taking more pictures

Suitable for temperature as low as -20℃ *6

features *6 Operation time will be shorter than that of room temperature

Take 4.4X more pictures *4

features *4 Digital camera shots in comparison with Alkaline battery (LR6)
Camera: SANYO DSC-S4 temperature: 25℃/77 F°
Flash: Once every 3 shorts shots: every 20 sec LCD: On all time. However depending on the camera and the conditions, the number of pictures will vary.

Cost Savings, environmental Friendly

Because you can recharge eneloop up to 1,800 times*1. In terms of cost effectiveness, though the initial cost is more expensive, eneloop batteries help you to save more money eventually.


Low Self-Discharge *2

features *2 Capacity retention based on testing methods established by IEC61951-2(7.2.1) when stored at 20℃ (based on SANYO's estimation) (Varies according to conditions of use)

Clean Energy Loop *5

features *5 Through the Green Power Certification System, eneloop is pre-charged by "Green Power" from photovoltaic generation