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2011 International CES

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[Video] 2011 International CES video reports are now available!

Two weeks have already gone by since CES ended and I returned home. Now, video reports that introduce what the Panasonic booth was like at CES 2011 have become available. The video reports are packed full of various content such as booth highlights and stage presentations, and they will give you a good idea of how exciting it was at the booth. Please take a look!

2011 International CES

Click on the image to watch the video.

CES 2011 Vol.1 Panasonic booth highlights

This video report takes you on a quick tour around the booth. The video report introduces information, products, and technologies showcased in the Panasonic booth at CES such as energy solutions, wide range of 3D products for the home and business arena, IPTV, which proposes new ways to enjoy TV, and the "VIERA Tablet" (prototype). You can also take a look at the press conference held one day before the CES began. The 'eco ideas' Declaration for North America and the crowd's reaction to the "VIERA Tablet" as it was unveiled are must-sees.

2011 International CES

Click on the image to watch the video.

CES 2011 Vol.2 Green Innovation stage presentation

Panasonic aims to become the "No.1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry" by 2018, its 100th anniversary. Please take a look at the stage presentation that introduces various activities Panasonic undertakes. What is especially great to see is the powerful and expressive presentation by Ms. Joey. She has been making presentations in the eco corner of the Panasonic booth at CES for the past 3 years, but she makes every presentation seem so different with her in-depth knowledge and improvisation, she draws many visitors into her presentation.

2011 International CES

Click on the image to watch the video.

CES 2011 Vol.3 FULL HD 3D presentation

The "FULL HD 3D Presentation Wall" made up of 75 plasma displays ranging in size from 42-inch to 152-inch exuded great presence in the Panasonic booth at CES. Please take a look at the stage presentation, which introduces the world of FULL HD 3D together with the beautiful imagery depicted on these displays. You can get a feel for the commitment to 3D Panasonic has exhibited from the onset and its vision for the future.

2011 International CES

Click on the image to watch the video.

CES 2011 Vol.4 VIERA Connect presentation

With a cloud-based Internet service, the "VIERA Connect" offers new ways to enjoy "watching professional sports broadcasting," "health and fitness," and "real games." And the "VIERA Tablet" (prototype) offers even greater ways to enjoy TV by working together with the "VIERA." The presentation incorporating demonstrations introduces services and functions that drew much attention at CES.


The 2011 International CES has just ended!

CES, which has been held for the past 4 days, has just ended. Panasonic booth is already preparing for departure as well.

I felt this last year also, but the 4 days really go by fast. And because the ideas exhibited here at the Panasonic booth were so in-depth, it was quite difficult to digest it all. The last day, especially, is quite hectic because I have to do all my research and interviewing by the 4:00 pm deadline, and I also want to have a look at the other booths as well, so it always causes dilemma.

It looks like I have to leave the small room behind the booth I occupied to write my entries from. Thank you for reading my entries. A few more entries will be uploaded still, so please check back with us occasionally!


The digital imaging corner is crowded with visitors daily!

I am sure you are familiar with Panasonic's digital camera, LUMIX. This year is the 10th anniversary since the brand was founded. Isn't that surprising since it feels as though the brand has been around for much longer; the brand name has taken root well. Digital cameras and camcorders have evolved quite rapidly over the last couple of years, making it even easier to capture memorable moments in our daily lives or during our travels in beautiful picture quality.

In this digital imaging corner, there is a counter where you will find a line-up of the latest digital camera and camcorder models. You can also see a comparative exhibit of the performances and test out the various models in the shooting corner. The corner is full of numerous camera and camcorder fans every day.

2011 International CESThe presentation held regularly on stage includes lectures on 3D photography and digital system cameras. Many photography fans stop by to listen.
2011 International CESThere is a LUMIX G series counter where you can test the models out.
2011 International CESSand art I mentioned in the photo digest. The artwork before you looks stereoscopic when shot with the 3D capable camcorder and seen through the 3D capable LUMIX G series lens.
2011 International CESPanasonic is proposing the LUMIX GH2 as a compact video shooting system for professionals. It is being exhibited together with beautiful images it has shot.

Introducing the 32-inch and 37-inch 3D VIERA LCDs

FULL HD 3D LCDs were unveiled at the press conference held on January 5th. The 2 models introduced here are to be release to the American market this spring. Let me introduce them to you in detail.

2011 International CES32-inch FULL HD 3D LCD VIERA, the DT30 series. The product is seen on the left.
2011 International CESThis is the 37-inch from the same DT30 series.

The 32-inch and 37-inch models have 3D capable IPS Alpha LCD panel with LED backlight. With the addition of the 2 models, 3D VIERA line-up has expanded and now ranges from 32-inch to 65-inch.

I went and took a look at these 2 models, but they both had the beautiful depth of 3D, and crosstalk (double images) and fast moving images, which traditionally have not been LCD's forte, wasn't a problem as the images were crystal clear. They also offered vibrant blacks as well, so I was able to enjoy exceptionally beautiful imagery.

In the past, Panasonic had only offered FULL HD 3D plasmas. With FULL HD 3D, images for both the left and right eyes had to be processed at twice the speed of traditional 2D. That is why plasmas, which offered great performance when it came to high-speed display was a better fit for 3D. However, Panasonic has developed an "IPS Alpha LED LCD panel," which realizes high picture quality FULL HD 3D with the industry's fastest 2ms (as of January 6, 2011 according to Panasonic research) scanning capability, so Panasonic's LCDs can now offer image reproducibility that is almost as good as plasmas.

With more medium size screens becoming available, Panasonic can meet the needs of even more people. I am sure many people are looking forward to the global release of these new products.


The new 42-inch VIERA wins the CES Innovation Award!

2011 International CES

What is being displayed in one part of the Green Innovation corner is the new 42-inch plasma VIERA designed for the North American market, the TC-P42S30. It won the CES Innovation Award in the "Eco-Design and Sustainable Technology" product category.

The CES Innovation Award is given to products in 34 categories that a panel of independent industrial designers, engineers, and journalists found to be outstanding.

The TC-P42S30, which won this award, has a large 42-inch screen, yet boasts a power consumption that is only around 90W, which is less than one 100W light bulb. It was also introduced in the green innovation stage presentation I wrote about 4 entries ago. It is very surprising that the latest VIERA, which has evolved rapidly in terms of image quality and communication function, has such a high energy saving performance as well.


I found a Tesla sports car in the Panasonic booth!

2011 International CESThe red body found in the most high profile location near the entrance. There are many people who can't seem to help but stop and take pictures.

The cherry red sports car stands out quite well in the booth. This is the Tesla Roadster, and it is actually an electric vehicle (EV). Why is this super car that famous Hollywood stars are riding around in found in the Panasonic booth? The answer to that question can be found in my previous entry. It is a bit long, but please have a read.

2011 International CESPanasonic's lithium-ion batteries are on display next to the car.

Very dynamic! The FULL HD 3D Presentation Wall comprised of 75 plasma displays

2011 International CES

The Presentation Wall made up of 75 FULL HD 3D plasma displays ranging from 42-inch to the 152-inch. This dynamic "wall," which stands tall in the booth is a very attention commanding presence in the Central Hall. A stage presentation takes place in front of this wall every day to showcase the beautiful, fantastical world of Panasonic's FULL HD 3D to the visitors.

2011 International CES

FULL HD 3D first unveiled at CEATEC JAPAN in 2008. Thereafter, Panasonic has led the way for the industry with its technology. At CES in 2010, it announced the market release of the 3D capable VIERA and Blu-ray Disc(TM) player. Panasonic was the first to announce that it will introduce 3D consumer products into the marketplace. Other companies followed, releasing products one after another, so the year 2010 was even referred to as the "opening year of 3D."

Panasonic also expands the fun and joy of 3D from professional application to our homes with products such as the integrated twin-lens 3D camera recorder for professionals, 3D capable consumer digital camcorder, and 3D capable LUMIX. Moreover, in 2011 Panasonic has further reinforced the 3D VIERA line-up, adding 32-inch and 37-inch LCDs. Panasonic also made new Blu-ray Disc(TM) players and home theater systems available, so Panasonic's 3D world has become even more accessible and expansive, making our lives more fun and exciting.

Super high-resolution FULL HD 3D technology offering great depth also has great possibilities for business applications. On the stage, Panasonic introduced how it has set up a 3D Innovation Center in Japan and Europe (Germany) and it will launch one in Hollywood, the U.S. this January. Panasonic also communicates how it offers a wide range of support from equipment to content production.

In the presentation, you can also see comments from various partners who have worked with Panasonic to enliven the 3D world. Executive officers from DIRECTV, which has dedicated 3D channels that show fashion shows, sports, etc., appear to talk about the possibilities of 3D from their own standpoints.

The stage presentation lets you enjoy the world of FULL HD 3D with a wide range of images such as the movie, "AVATAR," Olympic Games, and glamorous shows. The image depicted by the 75 screens working synchronously is truly a site to see. I am sure even visitors who may have thought, "I've already seen 3D," (and I am sure that most visitors have) must have been blown away.


[Video] Panasonic booth highlights are now available!

2011 International CES

Click on the image to watch the video.

Only one more day to go until the 2011 International CES ends. Now, you can watch the highlights of the Panasonic booth here at CES in the "2011 International CES Panasonic Booth Highlights." The 5'17" video report introduces the must-sees in the booth, so please check it out!


Green innovation stage presentation introduces activities Panasonic undertakes as it aims to become a "Green Innovation Company"

2011 International CES

In the Green Innovation Corner, a presentation takes place regularly every day, which introduces Panasonic's eco activities. The exhibition corner reproduces various areas of our home such as the yard, kitchen, and living room. And on the stage located in the center, a male and female MC present Panasonic's variegated ideas.

Panasonic has declared that it will become the "No.1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry" by 2018, its 100th anniversary. What activities is it implementing to make this a reality? The stage begins with this question.

The first theme is "saving energy." After introducing air conditioners, refrigerators, and washer-dryers, which are some of the products that represent Panasonic's outstanding energy saving performance, the presentation introduces how VIERA (42-inch), which is well known by many in the U.S. for its great picture quality, has new models that reduce energy consumption to levels lower than that of 100W light bulbs. The energy saving, long-lasting features of LED lamps were also communicated by comparing the performance to that of incandescent lamps.

2011 International CES

Next, "creating energy." The presentation introduced how the photovoltaic module, "HIT(R)," boasts the world’s number one conversion rate. Moreover, household fuel cells, which are great when the weather is bad or during nighttime - times during which photovoltaic modules do not operate well - were introduced.

When it comes to "storing energy," the presentation showcased the lithium-ion batteries that respond to the need to store energy created. A concept model of an Electric Vehicle (EV) that uses this technology was also introduced.

2011 International CESThe EV concept model is very eye-catching. The staff mentioned that many people come and ask questions about it every day.

Next up was "energy management." Panasonic's Home Energy Management System (HEMS) significantly contributes to saving energy in the entire home. What serves a central role in HEMS is the Smart Energy Gateway (SEG). By connecting various equipment in the home such as those that "create energy (photovoltaic modules, fuel cells)" and "store energy (lithium-ion battery systems)" to the SEG, you can display the energy flow within the entire home on the VIERA and monitor it, and this also makes various control possible.

After learning about Panasonic's vision within the home, the presentation moves on to energy solutions for entire towns.

What is first mentioned is the EV. The presentation covers various devices embedded in the EV concept model. What is introduced as the latest case example in North America is Tesla Motors, which creates EVs. Panasonic provides lithium-ion batteries to Tesla, and it is working together with Tesla to co-develop the next generation lithium-ion battery for EVs. The stage presentation featured image shots of sports cars made by Tesla as well as comments from its lead engineer, Kurt Kelty.

Next, the presentation introduced Panasonic's recycling program for end-of-life home electronics in the U.S. In the press conference held on January 5th, which announced Panasonic's 'eco ideas' declaration for North America, Panasonic announced that it will create 1,200 collection points by March 2013.

2011 International CESThere are various different parts on display categorized into various classes. These will be recycled into new products.

As an example of energy solutions that are being adopted into businesses, the presentation introduced its relationship with Infineon Raceway. At this famous circuit where Indy 500 is held, Panasonic has set up solar power generation systems with a capacity of over 350kW. By April 2011, Panasonic will set up 1,652 panels at the circuit. This will supply approximately 40% of the energy necessary to power the racecourse.

The dialogue between the 2 MCs takes place at a good pace, and so they naturally draw you into the presentation. Panasonic's vision will certainly be well communicated to people who come to the exhibition from all around the world.


Panasonic's 3D technology highly praised - wins "Charles Wheatstone Award"

2011 International CES

A monument designed to resemble a gigantic "3D" logo can be found in one corner of the Panasonic booth. Next to it you will find a beautiful trophy and plaque on display. These were awarded to Panasonic when it received the most prestigious "Charles Wheatstone Award" in October last year from the International 3D Society (I3DS).

The "Charles Wheatstone Award" was named after Sir Charles Wheatstone, an English physicist who invented the Stereoscope and advocated stereoscopic imaging back in early 19th century. It is awarded to the company that has contributed the most to the development of 3D technology.

Panasonic received the award for its contribution in the following areas:

Creating and promoting 3D culture on a global scale and contributing to the development of relevant infrastructure (in particular, with the North American 3D truck tour and European 3D mall tour).

Contribution to the creation of 3D standards for various fields such as Blu-ray 3D(TM), 3D capable TVs, and camcorders.

Helping expand the 3D world by enabling people not only to "watch" content, but also to "shoot."

Panasonic received the award due to its leadership of the 3D industry and its contribution to the FULL HD 3D technology. The trophy and plaque represent the effort and dedication of a great many engineers and people who have brought this to fruition.


Panasonic has released the VIERA Tablet!

2011 International CES

VIERA Tablet seems to be a popular topic of discussion on the web as well, but it is drawing much attention here at the Panasonic booth at CES, too.

The design of the exterior and icons are very chic. It almost looks like a TV. There are 3 prototypes on display – 10-inch, 7-inch, and 4-inch.

CEATEC JAPAN 2010I picked up the 4-inch. It felt light and nice.
CEATEC JAPAN 2010There are 3 types (10-inch, 7-inch, and 4-inch) here on display.

When you flick the thumbnail of the program displayed on the VIERA Tablet prototype towards the large screen VIERA, the program is displayed on the large screen. It felt very intuitive, futuristic and it was fun to operate.

In addition, one of the functions the VIERA Tablet performs when used as a remote control for the VIERA is multi-angle viewing. For example, when you are watching sports, using the VIERA Tablet you can change the angle from which you are watching on the large screen VIERA. And you can also select a different, separate angle to watch on the VIERA Tablet in your hands. What is more, you can check detailed information about the content being broadcasted, purchase merchandize related to the content, etc. so the VIERA Tablet opens up new ways to enjoy watching TV.

CEATEC JAPAN 2010Choose content with a multi-angle viewing icon from among the list of content.
CEATEC JAPAN 2010A thumbnail appears on the right side, and you can choose the desired angle. If you flick the image towards the TV screen, the VIERA will start showing the program. I was also able to watch a different angle just on the VIERA Tablet.
CEATEC JAPAN 2010If you are watching a sports program, you can purchase fan goods of your favorite sports team. It is great that you can purchase merchandize or various products related to the content you are watching, so I hope this function will be offered when the product is released to the market.
CEATEC JAPAN 2010If you use the SNS function, you can chat with your friends while you watch the same TV program.

VIERA Tablet is scheduled to be released globally within the year. Not only can you read e-books and browse the Internet, this tablet terminal can work together with VIERA Connect compatible VIERA to introduce new ways of enjoying TV.

VIERA Tablet prototype specifications
Display device: LCD (10-inch, 7-inch, 4-inch)
OS: Android(TM)
Communications: Wi-Fi


Sports, health and fitness, and games - VIERA Connect offers wide range of applications and accessories

As broadband technology continues to evolve, the possibilities of IPTVs are increasing infinitely. VIERA Connect, which was just announced, is a great leap forward from the cloud-based Internet service, "VIERA CAST," which has been offered in the Western markets since 2008. Fifteen models of VIERA Connect compatible VIERA (ranging from 32-inch to 65-inch) will become available in the U.S. this spring. Many people come to the VIERA Connect corner of the Panasonic booth day in and day out.

2011 International CESWith VIERA Connect you can also enjoy 4 major sports - MLB, MLS, NHL, and NBA.

Another key feature of the VIERA Connect is its open development platform. Connectivity with great products of other manufacturers will help enhance the services offered and even expand the range of services available, so this is great news for consumers. In the VIERA Connect corner, you will also see such third party products so let me introduce them to you.

[Health and fitness]

2011 International CESFitness armband. You can store various data such as how many steps you have taken in one day, calories consumed, and how long you worked out.
2011 International CESWhen you step onto this scale, it will automatically measure your weight, body fat percentage, and body mass index (BMI), and send the data via Wi-Fi to the VIERA. You can show the daily data as a graph, so it will be useful for planning a diet.
2011 International CESYou can also link the Treadmill to VIERA Connect. Images as well as real-time data will also be displayed. You can actually try it out in the booth.


2011 International CESGame pads for serious gamers are on display. These third party products may be purchased directly from the VIERA Connect Market without going through the PC. The VIERA is transforming into a gaming console!

Stage presentation introducing the fun VIERA Connect offers

VIERA Connect was unveiled at the press conference held on January 5th. It is a new cloud-based service, which offers fun and convenience in a wide range of genres such as sports, health and fitness, and games via the Internet, and it is scheduled to be launched in the U.S. this spring.

2011 International CES

You can already enjoy services such as video-on-demand, YouTube, and Skype with VIERA CAST. But the stage presentation demonstrated how you can enjoy new fun and entertainment when it evolves into VIERA Connect.

The presentation first introduces new ways to enjoy sports broadcasts such as MLB (Major League Baseball), MLS (Major League Soccer), NHL (National Hockey League), and NBA (National Basketball Association). The presenter also mentioned that sports fans will now be able to enjoy even the away games of their favorite teams. I am sure this was great news for the sports fans in the audience.

Next, health and fitness. If you use VIERA Connect and the fitness armband accessory, you can monitor the number of steps you have taken, calories consumed, and time of work out, and display such information on the VIERA. You can also link other equipment such as a scale for weighing your body weight, sleep monitor, manometer for gauging your blood pressure, and treadmill, and the results may be displayed and stored on the VIERA. These products may be purchased on the VIERA Connect Market. If the TV, which sits in the center of the living room, and equipment that help monitor our health become connected, awareness for our own health will surely improve.

Next, games. You can play a superb racing game with a controller that is also available on the VIERA Connect Market. Because the development platform is open, many more games and applications may become available in the future.

Also, what works great with the VIERA Connect is the VIERA Tablet. This time, there are prototypes in 3 sizes, 10-inch, 7-inch, and 4-inch, on exhibit, and these will help make the VIERA Connect service even more fun and convenient. The presentation introduced how the tablet may be used as an intuitive, convenient remote control. By selecting the program you would like to watch, you can watch it on the tablet. Or if you flick it towards the VIERA with the tip of your finger, that channel will appear on the VIERA. You can also choose angles when watching, for example, sports programs, and have fun by connecting to various social network services (SNS).

VIERA Connect and VIERA Tablet offer new ways of enjoying TV. The stage presentation introduced the endless possibilities IPTVs offer. I am very much looking forward to these products and services becoming available in Japan.

I will write about VIERA Connect and VIERA Tablet in more detail in separate entries, so please stay tuned.

2011 International CESIf you use the SNS function, you can watch a sports broadcast and chat with your friends at the same time. I'm sure that would be extremely fun.

Great visibility! @ this year's Panasonic booth

As you can see in the photograph, the layout of the Panasonic booth at this year's CES is different from that of the past. Last year, the booth was rectangular in size, and it was planned in a way so that visitors would be able to meander through the booth as though a gallery. But this year, there is a staircase in the middle of the booth, and the booth has been divided into 2 separate tiers.

Because the booth this year is 2 tiered, the eco corner and FULL HD 3D Presentation Wall, which represents the booth, seem to stand out ever better, and for visitors it is also very easy to see the exhibits on the lower tier.

2011 International CESThe Panasonic booth is divided into the upper and lower tier by the staircase in the center.

Darth Vader invaded the Panasonic booth!!

2011 International CES 2011 International CES

Shocking news hits the Panasonic booth, which just began welcoming visitors. Very familiar music began to play in the background when Darth Vader, the dark, fallen hero from the "Star Wars" appeared in the booth. I don't know how all the visitors had found out about his appearance, but the space in front of the stage was packed full of people. He seemed to be pleased by his popularity (or at least I think he was). He left the stage after leaving a strange message that you can reserve a copy of the "Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray” online.


Photo digest – 3D communication

2011 International CES

Here, a demonstration on the 3D Visual Communications System, which makes it possible to conduct remote TV conferencing in 3D, is taking place. The beautiful 3D imagery depicted on the large screen would be useful in communicating the details to people on the other side such as showing them prototypes of products or artwork.


Photo digest – Digital imaging corner

2011 International CES

You can find the latest models of the digital camera LUMIX and digital camcorders and also learn about the various functions. There is also a shooting corner where you can test these products out for yourself.

2011 International CES 2011 International CES


Photo digest – "AVATAR" sand art in the shooting gallery

2011 International CES

Here you can enjoy artists creating sand art in 3D. Scenes shot by the 3D capable camcorder are displayed on the display monitor, the 3D VIERA, and visitors can see these images through 3D Eyewear. The sand art expresses the character and the world of the movie, "AVATAR", and as you can see, because the sand art is quite eye-catching, many people stop in their tracks to take a look.


Photo digest – Home theater systems

2011 International CES

There are 4 types of 3D home theater systems designed for the bedroom, living room, games room, and design room. Panasonic proposes a new surround system, which makes you feel as though there are even speakers overhead.


Photo digest – VIERA Tablet corner

2011 International CES

You will find a prototype of the VIERA Tablet, which has become the talk of the town since being unveiled yesterday. There are truly very many people here. I will tell you about it in detail in a separate entry.

2011 International CESMany of you may have been taken by surprise that Panasonic had created a tablet. In the corner you will find VIERA Tablet prototypes ranging in size from the 4-inch, 7-inch to the 10-inch.

Photo digest – VIERA Connect

2011 International CES

Here a demonstration, which gives you a glimpse of the world of VIERA Connect, which expands into various fields such as games, health and fitness, takes place.


Photo digest – “VIERA Connect” Presentation

2011 International CES

On this stage, you will find the cloud-based Internet service for TVs that Panasonic announced it would start offering this spring, the "VIERA Connect." A demonstration of the already much talked about "VIERA Tablet" is already drawing great attention.


Photo digest – VIERA technology

2011 International CES

You can experience Panasonic's sophisticated FULL HD 3D technology such as higher moving picture resolution and reduced crosstalk in the comparative exhibits found in this corner.


Photo digest – 3D VIERA exhibit

2011 International CES

In this corner you can experience various FULL HD 3D content such as movies, games, sports, and entertainment. Various sizes of 3D VIERA from the newly added 32-inch to the 65-inch are on display here.


Photo digest – The latest VIERA line-up

2011 International CES

The latest VIERA models developed to cater to the North American market have new designs and further expand the line-up of 3D compatible products. You can also see here the newly added 32-inch and 37-inch LCD models.


Photo digest – FULL HD 3D Presentation Wall

2011 International CES 2011 International CES

The FULL HD 3D Presentation Wall created using 75 FULL HD 3D plasma display panels ranging in size from the 42-inch to the 152-inch. A dynamic stage presentation, which introduces Panasonic's 3D world, is held here regularly.


Photo digest – Green innovation

2011 International CES

What many visitors who come to the booth from the Central Hall down the concourse see first probably is this exhibit, which introduces ideas that create energy, store energy, and save energy, the Home Energy Management System realized by the Smart Energy Gateway (SEG), the battery system used on EVs, and infrastructure for charging such batteries.

2011 International CESThe sports car from Tesla Motors exhibited in this corner. As mentioned in yesterday's press conference, Panasonic supplies batteries to Tesla. I will tell you more about this in the entries to come.

The 2011 International CES has just begun!

2011 International CES

January 6th, 2011 - the skies in Las Vegas are crystal clear and at 10:00 am, the 2011 International CES has finally begun. Perhaps the news about the press conference held yesterday has influenced this to a certain extent, but the Panasonic booth is already filling up with many visitors.

The opening we have long waited for. Let me also make my way to take a closer look at the various corners!

2011 International CESThis is a shot of the entire booth when seen from a lower angle. You can see the glistening 3D logo.
2011 International CESYou can see the inner area of the booth on the opposite side of the concourse.

Panasonic's press conference was held!

One day before 2011 International CES, Panasonic held a press conference at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Let me give you the highlights.

2011 International CES

First, Mr. Joseph Taylor, the Chairman and CEO of Panasonic Corporation of North America, appeared on stage. He introduced end-to-end solutions Panasonic, who has continued to take leadership in the world of 3D, offers. As part of the 'eco ideas' strategy the entire group is committed to, Panasonic announced North American initiatives in an "Eco Ideas Declaration," which reemphasizes its green business operations, Panasonic also introduced its business strategies such as its partnership with Tesla Motors, which manufacturers electric vehicles, and collaboration with Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

2011 International CES

Next, Mr. Shiro Kitajima, the President of Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company appeared on stage. He introduced Panasonic's reinforced commitment to 3D and the new cloud-based Internet TV service, "VIERA Connect." In addition to on-demand services of movies and TV programs, various other online content and services such as "sports," "health and fitness," and "games" will also be offered. Panasonic will also launch other Internet services such as on-line shopping for hardware products and application of various third-party developers.

2011 International CES

What created the biggest sensation was the "VIERA Tablet" Mr. Kitajima took out from his breast pocket. Embedded with the Android OS, the "VIERA Tablet" can work in tandem with "VIERA" to offer even more creative functions and operability. Excitement spread through the room when it was unveiled that "Panasonic is finally releasing a tablet!" He also introduced other new products such as FULL HD 3D VIERA LCD (37-inch and 32-inch models) to be made available for the North American market, 3D compatible camcorders, and LUMIX. I will tell you more about these in the entries to come.

2011 International CESPresident Kitajima of the Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company with the 7-inch "VIERA Tablet."

In the Bellini Room, which served as the venue for the press conference, Panasonic welcomed the greatest number of guests to its press conference, amounting to approximate 990 members of the media. What is more, there were 250 people outside the venue as well. I thought that the level of excitement or expectation for Panasonic was true to CES. The reaction of the crowd was great, with many photographers and cameramen gathering around the stage after the press conference to shoot the new products up close. It became quite clear that CES, which will start tomorrow, will be very exciting.

As I mentioned in my earlier entries, the press conference was broadcast live today. You can watch it on the following site, so if you missed it, please take a look!

Panasonic 2011 CES Press Conference
USTREAM(R) streaming page


Highlights of this year's Panasonic booth!

As many of you may know, 2010 was the "opening year of 3D," a year in which it became possible to enjoy full HD 3D content right at home. At CES last year, Panasonic introduced the 3D compatible TV and Blu-ray Disc(TM) player. It is still vivid in my mind what a sensation they created. So what does this year's Panasonic booth have in store?

According to Panasonic's press release, "Panasonic Showcases Its Green Technologies and Innovative Services for IPTV at CES 2011," the main exhibits at the Panasonic booth are as follows and I've also commented on what I would like to especially focus on.

[Eco Corner]
This corner focuses on Panasonic Group’s energy solutions based on its green concept of creating energy (Solar Power Generators and Household Fuel Cells), storing energy (Household Lithium-ion Storage Battery System), saving energy (VIERA TV and LED lighting) and managing energy (Smart Energy Gateway). In addition, Panasonic is showcasing its latest electric vehicle (EV) technologies including car battery systems and an EV charging station, which contribute to realizing a green lifestyle driven by EVs.

(mino's focal point)
Home energy management systems and EVs are drawing attention in Japan as well. Panasonic is planning to put even greater efforts into eco, but how are these efforts being perceived in the U.S.? I will introduce the ideas on exhibit as well in detail.

[Full HD 3D Presentation]
Using a spectacular 3D video wall consisting of a full lineup of Panasonic plasma displays ranging from 42 inches to 152 inches, the company presents its 3D solutions from the latest 3D products for consumers to professional 3D equipment and applications. The full HD 3D video presentations on the 75-screen wall deliver an overwhelmingly immersive experience to visitors.

(mino's focal point)
The 3D video wall comprised of 75 screens is a very commanding presence in the Central Hall. I would like to write about how the crowd at CES will react to the 3D video wall and about the ideas introduced in the presentation.

[Digital Imaging Corner]
The cutting-edge digital imaging products, such as consumer 3D camcorders capable of recording video in 3D and 3D capable digital interchangeable lens cameras, are presented.

(mino's focal point)
Consumer 3D camcorders and 3D capable digital interchangeable lens LUMIX G series – what will people in the U.S. think of these products? In the shooting corner, an amazing set has been created for test shooting. I will write about this in detail in tomorrow's entry, so please stay tuned.

[Home Theater Corner]
A living room with Panasonic’s Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc players and home theater systems lets visitors experience high-quality sound created with Panasonic’s new surround technology.

(mino's focal point)
The home theater system has also entered the 3D era. This corner especially showcases "new surround technology." I am looking very much forward to experiencing the world this new technology will create when coupled with 3D imagery.

[Internet Service for TV Corner]
This corner introduces Panasonic’s new internet service called “VIERA Connect” which enables to create a whole new TV experience. A wide range of IPTV services available via VIERA Connect includes live broadcasting services of four major sports (baseball, football, basket ball and ice hockey), a variety of applications such as games and connectivity with various equipments centering on health and fitness. VIERA Connect Market will enable users purchase the applications and equipment by simply using a remote control in their living rooms.

(mino's focal point)
I would like to take a closer look at the new key words, VIERA Connect and VIERA Connect Market. It seems Panasonic is taking on a new challenge with respect to IPTV. I will tell you more about this in my entries.

2011 International CESThe Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center waiting for tomorrow's opening day. The skies are clear again today!

Panasonic's special CES website is now up and running!

As the exhibition will open tomorrow, the Panasonic booth has entered its last spurt to finish all the preparations.

A special website that will give you an overview of the Panasonic booth at CES is now up and running, so let me tell you a little about it. You can find information about what ideas are on exhibit in the various corners and also take a look at the press release announced at today's press conference. After the exhibition begins, photographs and video clips will also be uploaded. Of course you can also jump to this blog or take a look at exhibition tweets (@PanasonicEvents), and Panasonic's Facebook page; all such information has been very well organized so it is really easy to navigate. Please take a look!

2011 International CES

Panasonic's special CES website

Panasonic Facebook

Panasonic Events Twitter


2 days before CES – what is it like in the Panasonic booth?

January 4th, 6:00 pm – the city of Las Vegas is enveloped in soft hues of the setting sun. But in the Panasonic booth preparations are still underway. Staff in charge of the various corners are working together with the local staff to get everything in place and rehearsals are being held on each stage.

I am trying to stay out of the way and writing my entry from one corner of the booth, but I can feel the staff's excitement and anticipation in the air. Only 40 hours to go until the exhibition begins on the 6th. Those of you working in the Panasonic booth, I wish you good luck!

2011 International CESThe Panasonic booth is located a few dozen meters down the concourse when you enter the Central Hall. Please look for this banner and gate.

Panasonic's press conference to be broadcast live tomorrow

As I mentioned in my entry for December 28th, at 3:00 pm tomorrow, on January 5th (8:00 am on January 6th in Japan), Panasonic's press conference will be held and the press conference will be broadcast live on USTREAM(R).

The press conference will be held at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. It is a great opportunity to learn about Panasonic's latest news together with the members of the media who will gather from around the world, so why not take part?

I will write an overview of the press conference for this blog as well, so please check back with us, too.

Panasonic 2011 CES Press Conference
USTREAM(R) streaming page

2011 International CESAs the name indicates, the Venetian Hotel has been designed to resemble Venice, a city built on waterways. To have a press conference in such a glamorous hotel; just what you would expect from Las Vegas.

Found Panasonic's eco ads!

This morning in Las Vegas the skies are blue and the air is cool and sharp. I have come to the Las Vegas Convention Center, where the CES will take place, for the first time in 1 year.

With only 2 more days to go until the opening day, there are many shipping trucks coming and going, and preparations are underway in the various booths.

I found Panasonic's big outdoor ads on the walls as I was walking around the venue so let me introduce them to you.

2011 International CESWhat message will Panasonic communicate about its eco activities in its booth at CES this year? I will tell you all about it in the entries to come.

I've arrived at Las Vegas, the home of CES!

Approximately 15 hours after I left from Haneda Airport (Tokyo), which has just completed its international terminal last year, I arrived safe and sound in Las Vegas the home of CES via San Francisco. When I stepped off the airplane the air felt quite chilly, so it felt a little different from last year, which was a bit warmer.

It was around 11:00 pm when I arrived at the hotel, but the city sure never sleeps. The main strip flanked by many hotels was busy with multitude of cars going to and fro and the neon lights shone brightly.

Tomorrow I will start writing my entries from on site. First, I will head towards the CES venue, Las Vegas Convention Center, to take a look at the Panasonic booth, which may still be under preparation. From this entry onwards, the time and date stamp will refer to the local time here in Las Vegas.

2011 International CESThere are slot machines in numerous places around the McCarran Airport such as at the boarding gate and baggage claim. When you see this, you really feel that you have come to Las Vegas.

Looking back on the hot consumer electronics topics of 2010

Every year around this time of year, there are “hit product rankings” on newspapers and magazines. When I see these articles, I think that the year is coming to an end. Some products on the list I can understand why they have been chosen, and then there are others that are completely new to me.

Rankings differ, but if you take a look at consumer electronics, the year 2010 began with 3D, and tablet terminals and smart phones also drew much attention. These are predicted to be still very hot next year as well. And perhaps this is mainly in Japan, but LED lamps seem to have been a great hit as well, so they were in many of the rankings. It feels to me that LED lamps have become more widely available nowadays. I wonder what kind of products will be in the spotlight next year. I hope to pick up hints at the 2011 International CES.

Christmas has come and gone and now there are only a few more days until New Year’s Eve. Once 2011 begins I will make my way towards Las Vegas. I hope 2011 will be a great year for all of you! And don’t forget, CES starts on January 6!


Panasonic's press conference to be broadcast live on USTREAM(R)!

The 2011 International CES will be held for 4 days from January 6th next year. One day prior to the opening day, on January 5th from 3:00 pm (local time), Panasonic will hold a press conference at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Each year this press conference attracts many members of the media from around the world, but this year it will be broadcast live on USTREAM(R).

3:00 pm on January 5th means 8:00 am in Japan on January 6th. It is a little early for Japan, but it is a great opportunity to watch real-time Panasonic's latest news with the CES around the corner, so please don't miss it!

Panasonic 2011 CES Press Conference
USTREAM(R) streaming page


2011 International CES is right around the corner!

Hello! It has been a while. Only a few more days to go until the end of the year. And as soon as the New Year kicks off the International CES will begin. This year's CES will be held for 4 days from January 6th to the 9th. I will keep you up to date about the exhibition on the Cyber Showcase Blog.

Let's take a brief look back. CES is an annual exhibition, which takes place in early January at Las Vegas, U.S. It is one of the largest consumer electronics shows in the world. The inaugural CES was held in 1967, so it has a very long history of introducing the latest products and technologies that enrich our lives. For example, the video recorder (VCR) was introduced in 1970, the DVD in 1996, Blu-ray products in 2003, and FULL HD 3D technology in 2009. It's not an exaggeration to say that the technologies launched at CES have set the trends for the electronics industry.

Some of you may still remember, but in 2008, the then president of Panasonic AVC Company, Mr. Sakamoto appeared in the keynote speech to unveil a prototype of the 152-inch plasma display panel. And many of you may be looking forward to the big news that will be announced at this year's CES. I will be going to the International CES once again to give you real-time updates, so please look forward to my entries.

2011 International CESThe official website of the CES is full of information such exhibitor directory, keynote speech schedules, etc.
2011 International CES
Period: January 6 (Thurs) - 9 (Sun)
Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center (Las Vegas, U.S.)
Organizer: Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)
Official site: