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CHITEC 2010 (The 13th China Beijing International High-tech Expo)

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[Video] The first series of video reports that feature China, "CHITEC 2010 (comprised of 3 volumes)," is now available!

"Video reports" introduce exhibitions that take place in various locations around the world as well as technologies and products that Panasonic showcases in such exhibitions in an easy to understand manner with footage taken on site. In the past, we have mainly introduced the Panasonic booth at the exhibition venues, but starting this year, we will also focus on Panasonic's activities in the host countries or regions. We want to provide comprehensive coverage by also including interviews of visitors and persons involved in the exhibition.

The first series of the video reports featuring China is "CHITEC 2010." It will help you get a better understanding of CHITEC, which I have also introduced in my entries for the blog. Please take a look!


Click on the image to watch the video.

CHITEC 2010 Vol.1 - China and Panasonic

In addition to the highlights of the Panasonic booth at CHITEC, this video report introduces the relationship between China and Panasonic cultivated for over 30 years, which is also introduced in the presentation held inside the FULL HD 3D Theater, as well as Panasonic's corporate showroom in Beijing, the "Panasonic Center Beijing."


Click on the image to watch the video.

CHITEC 2010 Vol.2 - Cutting-edge technologies (FULL HD 3D)

This video report introduces the FULL HD 3D Theater, which was much talked about in CHITEC 2010 in detail, together with the feedback from visitors who experienced it. In addition, you can see Panasonic's various cutting-edge technologies including the 4K2K plasma display panels and the plasma technology that continues to evolve.


Click on the image to watch the video.

CHITEC 2010 Vol.3 - Eco activities and eco technologies

Panasonic aspires to become the "No.1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronic Industry." In this video report, we will introduce the activities undertaken by one of Panasonic's Green Factories, Panasonic System Networks (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd., as an example of how factories continue to make efforts, which may be small individually but contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, in their manufacturing processes. Also, you can learn about environmental education held at the Panasonic Center Beijing as well as green products created with Panasonic's excellent eco technologies.


Panasonic's environmental initiatives in China

Panasonic and China, where CHITEC is taking place, have a deep relationship that dates back to 1978 when the China-Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship was signed.


Thirty-two years have passed since then. Currently, Panasonic has 80 bases in China where various environmental initiatives are being implemented. Here in this corner, you can find a diorama of the planet, which shows where Panasonic’s bases in China are located. You can see that 51 factories have been accredited as Clean Factories (CFs), and also learn about the activities in detail.

In China, Panasonic has upheld similar environmental indicators (i.e. energy consumption and water usage) as those set by the Chinese government. And factories that have met these internal targets as well as passed the production audit stipulated by the Chinese government are accredited the CF status.
Setting targets based on external, official indicators and audit systems makes it easier to understand, and the fact that nearly all of Panasonic's factories have met these criteria is quite amazing.

Additionally, you can learn about the wide range of activities undertaken by Panasonic on the panels displayed here, including the environmental training programs for other companies whereby Panasonic shares the know-how and human resources regarding factory management that Panasonic has cultivated over the years; environmental education initiatives for children, which aims for the participation of 1 million children over a 10-year period; tree-planting activities that aim to nurture 1 million trees in 10 years time; and environmental events held at the Panasonic Center Beijing, which serves as Panasonic’s showroom.

These panels not only communicate how Panasonic offers energy-efficient products by using the latest technologies, but they also show how Panasonic is proactively and on a large scale undertaking grass-roots eco initiatives by involving each and every employee.


Secret to the popularity is simplicity and clarity! Panasonic's eco technologies


We use electronic products every day. So the energy savings add up over time resulting in a significant difference in the electricity bill, and reining in the energy consumed leads to CO2 emission reductions. This corner introduces Panasonic's latest environmental technologies including the energy saving technologies used in products designed for the Chinese market.

Exhibits on technologies may seem complicated, but here, it is shown in a way that is easy to understand even for children. Because the products on display are familiar, i.e. air conditioners, refrigerators, and TVs, many visitors seem to be taking great interest, and the staff manning this zone are often showered with questions.

CHITECThis is a comparison of the power consumed by "VIERA." By comparing the old and new models of the plasma displays, this demonstrates how although the brightness of the 2 screens are the same, the luminance efficiency technology has halved the power consumption.
CHITECThis is the vacuum insulation material (called "U-Vacua") unique to Panasonic used in its refrigerators. This exhibit really helps you "feel" the difference in the performance. Here you can place your hands directly on top of a heated platform on the left side and on top of the insulation material on the right to experience the performance. This will easily let you feel the difference.

Panasonic aspires to become a green innovation company

Next, I would like to introduce the eco zone.

Panasonic will be celebrating its 100th(!) anniversary in 2018, and Panasonic has declared that leading up to this milestone it will place the "environment" at the core of its various business activities and aspire to become the "No.1 green innovation company in the electronics industry."


In this corner, not only is the message of aspiring to become "a green innovation company" being communicated, visitors can also write down their own eco declarations on a leaf-shaped paper, and add them to the other declarations posted on the board. Everyone can take part so there are many messages on the board already. It looks like a tree with fresh foliage.

Needless to say, environmental issues are important for all mankind, but for China, which continues on a path of rapid economic development, air pollution and water quality degradation in the urban centers are increasingly becoming a grave issue. It seems that the environmental awareness of many visitors at CHITEC are high, and so the board is covered with many people's "'eco ideas' declarations."

CHITECThe companions of the booth with blue flags conduct "eco tours," which are also popular among the visitors.

Experiencing the super high resolution of the 4K2K plasma display through a comparative exhibit


In this corner, you will find 2 Panasonic 103-inch plasma displays placed side by side.

The one on the left is the FULL HD (1980 x 1080 pixel) and the one on the right is what is referred to as the next generation standard after full HD, the 4K2K (3840 x 2160 pixel) plasma display.

4K2K displays, which have 4 times the pixel count as full HD, is understandably attracting many visitors. I have seen it myself at various exhibitions, but this may be the first time it is displayed adjacent to a full HD display (and the same size screen too) so you can compare and contrast. It is true that the difference in picture quality is best recognized when we see if for ourselves, but the comparison between "high resolution" and "super high resolution" seems quite a luxury.


Panasonic's end-to-end 3D solutions

In this corner, you can find the integrated twin-lens FULL HD 3D camera recorder, and you can see your own image displayed on the monitor in 3D. I have tried it myself, but it was a very unique experience to be able to see yourself in 3D by being shot by this compact camcorder.

Panasonic covers the FULL HD 3D world with end-to-end solutions that include this camcorder, as well as products that support the shooting and production of 3D contents, software encoding and authoring, disc production, and home theater systems. The 3D world, which was not so easily accessible in the past, is getting nearer and nearer.

CHITECWatching 3D images gives you a different kind of enjoyment. Having said that, unfortunately, as expected, even if you take photographs of the images with your digital camera, the images you've shot won't be in 3D. Even still, you want to take a photograph of it for keeps sake. I know that feeling!
CHITECThe prototype of the integrated twin-lens FULL HD 3D camera recorder. You can see that it has 2 lenses side by side, which make it possible to shoot images on both the left and right lenses from a slightly different angle.

Making its debut this summer! People in China, too, will be able to enjoy Panasonic's FULL HD 3D products right in their living rooms!

In this corner, you will find the 65-inch and 50-inch FULL HD 3D TV and FULL HD 3D compatible Blu-ray Disc player, which is scheduled to launch this summer in China, and you can experience FULL HD 3D images. There are different genres of images shown, i.e. movies, landscapes, and sports, and there seems to always be a long line of people waiting to use the three 3D glasses made available per each genre. The FULL HD 3D Theater with the super gigantic 152-inch plasma display is also full every showing, but perhaps the ability to "enjoy it at home" and the "futuristic technology that is within our grasps" is what makes it so alluring to the visitors.

Panasonic's FULL HD 3D products are already available in Japan, Europe, and North America, and it is being much talked about globally. I am sure many people in China are longingly waiting for these products as well.

CHITECThe very popular FULL HD 3D Home Theater Corner. Even if it's all 3D, you may be able to discover different advantages and allure when watching the energy and dynamism of sports and the depth of view of the landscape.
CHITECHere you can see the landscapes from all around the world. It may make you feel as though you have gone on a journey.

The main star of the Panasonic booth is the "FULL HD 3D Theater"

CHITEC is being held for 5 days, from May 27 to 31. The biggest topic at the Panasonic booth is, as you may have guessed, the FULL HD 3D Theater. This theater, with the 152-inch, super gigantic plasma display, which first made its appearance at International CES held at Las Vegas in January this year, boasts the greatest capacity ever (at global exhibition) of 150 seats. It seems to be extremely popular with the visitors from the very first day of the exhibition.

In this theater the audience will be able to watch a presentation of approximately 12 minutes, all in 3D. CHITEC is the first time Panasonic is offering the entire presentation in 3D, so you can see what great expectations Panasonic has for its 3D technology in China. The presentation includes demonstrative footage i.e. sports content, animation, landscape from various parts of the world, as well as Panasonic's contribution to China with its "environmental technologies" and its "state-of-the-art technologies," such as 3D. Being the first time many of the audience to experience FULL HD 3D, I have been told that the crowd's reactions have been great. People seem to be unable to take their eyes off the screen, and when the presentation ends they applaud enthusiastically. When scenes from the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games appear, a murmur escapes from their lips. This may be expected of from the host city as I'm sure the Games are still vivid memories for the people in Beijing.

When I visited CHITEC in 2007 and 2008, the corporate performance, which incorporated visual imagery and live performance, was very popular among the crowd. This time, Panasonic's message is packed within the 3D imagery. During the 5 days of the exhibition, more than 10,000 people are expected to experience the FULL HD 3D Theater. According to my sources at the exhibition, people who have had a taste of the 3D world are leaving with very satisfied expressions. Those of you who live in Beijing, don't miss this opportunity to experience the 3D world for yourself!

CHITECThe FULL HD 3D Theater at CHITEC is the biggest capacity theater Panasonic has created at global exhibitions. There are 3 screenings per hour, but every showing seems to be fully packed.

The 13th China Beijing International High-tech Expo, CHITEC, has just begun!

9:00 am on May 27, 2010 - CHITEC has just begun. Beijing has been experiencing clear blue skies with temperatures rising above 30 degrees Celsius these past few days, but this morning it was cloudy with light rain at times, so I have been told that it is relatively pleasant.

Many people made their way to the Panasonic booth as soon as the doors opened, so there seems to be already a long line in the FULL HD 3D Theater. I am sure many of these people may be experiencing the world of FULL HD 3D for the first time, but I wonder what their reactions will be like.

Panasonic is upholding the exhibition theme - "We will contribute to China with our "state-of-the-art technologies (HD) and "environmental technologies." What impact will Panasonic's state-of-the-art HD technologies have on people in China? And what kinds of environmental activities are being implemented? I will update the blog with hot information from Beijing, so please stay tuned!

CHITECThis is Hall 1 of the China International Exhibition Center, where CHITEC is being held. The Panasonic booth is located in this hall.
CHITECThere is an advertising banner for the Panasonic FULL HD 3D Theater on the exterior wall of Hall 1.
CHITECCHITEC has just begun. A marching band appeared in front of the entrance to Hall 1, where the Panasonic booth is located, to celebrate the commencement of the exhibition.
CHITECThis is the Panasonic booth. Two years ago, when I reported on the Panasonic booth at CHITEC, the motif used was that of the "Bird's Nest," the main stadium of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, but this time the design is minimal, using black and white as the key colors. On the left you will find "state-of-the-art technologies" zone mainly unfolding around the FULL HD 3D and the "environmental technologies" zone is located on the right.

CHITEC (The 13th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo) is about to begin!

Hi everyone! Long time no see. This is mino, a writer for the Cyber Showcase Blog. I will be reporting about CHITEC (China Beijing International High-Tech Expo), which will be held in Beijing for 5 days starting from May 27th.

CHITEC, which celebrates its 13th anniversary this year, is an exhibition that showcases a wide range of state-of-the-art products and services including those from the electronics industry. It is widely known in China as a "science fair" where companies not only from China, but also from all around the world that operates businesses in China gather to introduce their latest technologies. It is a big event that welcomes over 200,000 visitors every year. In 2007 and 2008 I flew over to Beijing to report about the excitement at the exhibition.


I wonder what exciting topics will be communicated from the Panasonic booth at CHITEC this year. When you look at the special exhibition site created by Panasonic China, you can see a 3D logo… and the visuals! Is Panasonic's 3D really making its debut in China very soon? This time around, I will be reporting on the exhibition from Japan, but I will do my best to provide highlights of the Panasonic booth at CHITEC, so please stay tuned!

CHITEC (The 13th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo)
Period: May 27 (Thurs) – 31 (Mon), 2010
Venue: China International Exhibition Center (Beijing, China)
Organizer: China's Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), State Intellectual Property Office, and the city government of Beijing.
Official site: Chinese, English