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Exhibitions covered

This is why I always have my camera ready. I have a blind love for cats!

Hi everyone! I am atsuko, the navigator and an occasional writer for the Cyber Showcase Blog. While I arrange coverage of the exhibitions held all around the world by the other writers of the blog, I, too, regularly visit the various exhibitions held in Japan to write about the Panasonic booth and the ideas it showcases.

When I say, "My main line of work is SP," to this day some people still ask, "Whose security detail are you on?" What I mean by "SP" is not "security police," but "sales promotion." In order to promote a product, it is important to know the product well first hand. Well, I cannot begin to tell you how many electronic goods I have purchased thus far using this as an excuse. My TV at home is connected to so many recorders, the cable guy was shocked when he came to work on my TV. And on my table you will find numerous digital cameras laid out on top of it at all times. My most recent purchase is a refrigerator. Every time I interview people in charge of the product development or product planning at the exhibitions, I am amazed by their passion. The more I learn about their dedication, the more I want to go out and buy the product for myself. I am a bit of a 'shopaholic,' so having an opportunity to actually try new products or services at the exhibitions may be, for me, a "dangerous line of work."

To get to know what is so exciting and attractive about an "exhibition," of course it would be best if you could go to the exhibition, look around, test the products out, and talk to the people there yourself, but there are people who "want to go but can’t" because they don't have time or because of the location of the exhibition. That is where this blog comes in to play. This blog gives such people live coverage of each exhibition from on-site. Very unique writers run about the exhibitions that are held in Japan and around the world to transmit the latest information from the exhibitions.

Although exhibitions are major events that only last for a few days, many companies devote much manpower, time, money, and energy to make them happen. It is such a waste that the content created for such exhibitions is treated as "one-off." The Cyber Showcase Blog, which began in order to address such thoughts of the person in charge of exhibitions at Panasonic, will start its fourth year of operation. The entries incorporate many photographs of various demonstrations and presentations, so that people who couldn't go to the exhibition, as well as those people who went to the exhibition but missed out on the demonstrations and presentations can see what it was all about. Starting from this year, you can also click on some of the pictures to watch videos. In addition, some of our other team members create "video reports" of the exhibition, so people who couldn’t go to the exhibition can get a near first-hand experience of the excitement at the exhibitions while people who did go can get more in-depth information.

Currently, we have 5 writers, including myself, who go to the various exhibitions held around the world to provide the latest information straight from the exhibition starting from the day before each exhibition. As this blog enters its 4th year, some of the members of the writing team have changed, and the exhibitions that each of them are in charge of has changed as well, so we believe we can tell you about the exhibitions from a "new perspective." Please stay tuned to the entries offered on the Cyber Showcase Blog.