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This is a cardboard digital camera I made for my daughter. Perhaps this is myself at work as a "digital concierge?" May be it is because I made it in a haphazard manner, but my daughter does not seem to like it too much.

Hello! My name is hiroyuki, and I have joined the team of Cyber Showcase Blog writers starting this year. I call myself a "writer" but I also work as a web designer and as a lecturer at seminars, so I could call myself an "all-round player." But this may sound cooler than it actually is, so it may be more appropriate to call myself a "digital concierge." In any case, if it has anything to do with the audio-visual field or computers, I want to learn all about it and test it out for myself. I love AVC. So I am not exaggerating when I say that when I got this offer to become a writer for the exhibition blog, I felt a strong sense of mission and immediately thought, "I have to do it!"

I have been working with Panasonic as a web designer and a writer on projects such as creating the description on digital terrestrial broadcasting and contents for manuals on notebook PCs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. I have also appeared as a lecturer on lecture videos. So I have done all sorts of jobs.

My path down this road began when I came across computer graphics (CG) while I was attending an art college. I didn't understand much about technology back then, but I was enamored by the possibility of CG, which realizes a wide spectrum of expressions that cannot be realized in analog. After I graduated, I started working for a mechanical manufacturer with world leading CG technology. Eventually I was placed in charge of CG production and demonstrations at exhibitions, and during this time I learned about digital data, image editing, and computers.

I bought my own PC and got really into editing images on my free time. I became pretty good at it, so I went freelance and became a graphic designer and a seminar lecturer. With the onset of the Internet, I became a web designer. I had also posted some pointers on my website about how to edit images, which led to a publishing deal. This is how my career as a writer began, and how I became a "digital concierge."

I have my own projects as well. For example, I am operating the digital camera portal site "Cashari!" where you will find reviews of new products, basic compact digital camera photography skills, and shooting techniques. I also have posted information about the "LUMIX" series, so please take a look.

With the Cyber Showcase Blog, I have been given an important task of being one of the first to provide information about new products and technologies unveiled at the exhibitions. I am looking forward to performing this very important task. I hope to explore the exhibition and to communicate the excitement and the passion at the exhibition not only as a writer, but also on behalf of people who can't make it to the exhibition, so please look forward to my entries.