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Profile Blogger : mako

I also write books and provide articles for magazines in various fields. For more information, please look at my homepage (sorry, the website is only available in Japanese).

Hi! I am mako, and I have been a writer for Panasonic's exhibition blog since 2006. Since I also have a care helper license, my relationship with this blog began with the Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition (H.C.R.). Then I began writing for the Eco-Products as well. Since then I have been deeply engrossed in the world of eco and welfare equipment.

As a writer, I often go to a wide range of locations to report on various issues, but what I always realize is "how important it is to listen to other people." I meet all sorts of people on my job. In general, famous people are used to being interviewed, so they speak well. All you have to do is ask a question, and they give you a response very fluently with out hesitation. However, their time is very limited, so I have to try to extract an impressionable phrase in a short amount of time.

On the other hand, there are many people who "are getting interviewed for the first time." Their age, gender, and careers vary greatly. There are some people who get nervous when they speak in front of other people, so they fall silent. There are also some people who feel negatively about interviews in general. In the beginning the conversation may not go very smoothly, but, as I spend time talking to them, the interviewees start to open up to me and talk about how they feel. I realize that being a writer is great at times like these.

As you know, exhibitions provide a platform for announcing the newest products and trends. Because people who handle these products day to day come to the exhibitions to describe the products to the visitors, people I interview have a well of knowledge about these products, and they are very specialized. As a writer reporting on exhibitions, we have to grasp the characteristics of products in a short length of time, and understand what we are reporting about. And then we have to communicate this highly technical information in an easy to understand way to the readers. If I can understand it clearly (and since science is my least favorite subject), the majority of the readers of this blog will understand too. This is what I tell myself to keep myself going as I struggle with my reporting.

I hope that didn't sound condescending, because I am not sure that I truly understand the highly technical information the Panasonic staff provides me (haha). But I hope that I have been able to communicate the energy and the passion at the exhibition, by going there and checking and testing them out for myself. I hope to keep providing information live from the exhibition, so please stay tuned to my entries.