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Stationeries are vital (?) to writers. I go gaga at stationery stores, especially when I am overseas.

Hello, this is mino, one of the writers of the Cyber Showcase Blog.

I have been part of the team of writers for the Cyber Showcase Blog since 2007, and I have reported on several exhibitions held in cities around the world including Beijing, Berlin, Cologne, and Dubai. I will keep trying to do my best, so please look forward to my entries.

But let me start by briefly introducing myself. After graduating from university, I chose a career in advertising and sales promotion, and more than a dozen years have gone by since I became a freelance writer. I have covered a wide range of fields as a writer, but what I place great importance on is getting inspiration from and generating ideas onsite. While there are areas that I am very familiar with, of course, some areas are completely new to me, but I always tried to study as much as possible in advance, even well into the wee hours of the night. Going and seeing for myself, gathering information with an open mind, and writing reports in easy-to-understand words - that sums up my work.

The objective of the Cyber Showcase Blog is to "provide information on major exhibitions around the world in which Panasonic takes part." As you already know, exhibitions are where leading corporations from all over the world get together to showcase their latest products and technologies. These companies invest a lot of time and money into an exhibition that only lasts for a limited period of time. It is very exciting to be at exhilarating exhibitions, gathering information, and uploading articles one after another. I also become 'infected' with the festive, carnival "fever" and keep pushing myself, typing away on my keyboard despite the sleep deprivation.

In many cases, we borrow space somewhere in the backyard of the Panasonic booth, where we set up our computer, and use it as a base to do our research and write articles (we call this room "the secret back room"). My schedule during the exhibitions is quite tough; in order to upload detailed entries as soon as possible, I go to the venue before the door opens to interview staff, take photos, and I keep writing my entries even after I return to the hotel. I wonder which "secret back room" and what exhibition around the world I will be reporting to you from next time. I am already looking very forward to it!