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CEATEC JAPAN Cutting-edge IT & Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition Oct. 5, 2010 (Tue.) - Oct. 9, 2010 (Sat.) Makuhari Messe, Chiba

Network AV Zone For Greater Fun and Comfort

Panasonic Has Opened the Door to the 3D World and Creates an Exciting New Future

Ever since we released the world's first Frame Sequential FULL HD 3D system in September 2008, Panasonic has continued to develop technologies as a leading company in the field of 3D, aimed at creating a highly advanced 3D world. This year, timed with the release of our new 3DTVs, we have also launched Blu-ray 3D™ Disc production.
Our development of the world's first integrated twin-lens 3D camera recorder has also led to the active promotion of 3D broadcast content and other aspects of a 3D total solution. In addition, our release of 3D compatible camcorders and digital system cameras for shooting 3D images at home has further expanded the 3D world to make it more accessible. Be sure to experience Panasonic's activities in the "Leading 3D World," which extend all the way from professional to home use.

Network AV Zone

The 3D Link World

Enjoy 3D in ways that only Panasonic can offer — by shooting, viewing and storing images. See how we're expanding the world of 3D.

3D Compatible Camcorder

Shoot amazing 3D images with a 3D compatible camcorder.

3D Compatible LUMIX

Shoot some 3D photos yourself, using a 3D compatible lens.

3D Compatible DIGA

Here, we introduce the DIGA Blu-ray recorder with its stunningly beautiful 3D and digital terrestrial TV images.

3D Home Theater

See how we are expanding 3D content for home enjoyment, such as movies, broadcasts and games.

VIERA Technologies

Learn about the Panasonic technologies that enable high-quality, dynamic 3D images.

3D Visual Communications Prototype

See how it actually feels to attend a meeting with lifelike 3D images.

3D Solution ideas

Here, we introduce examples of business applications in various fields where 3D images are used, such as in entertainment facilities and in medicine.

3D Professional ideas

Here, we introduce 3D image production equipment and technologies, extending from shooting to editing.

3D Innovation Centers

These centers support companies, organizations and professionals who conduct 3D business all over the world.

Skype™ on VIERA

Enjoy easy visual communication right on a VIERA TV.

New Internet Services on TV Prototype

See the new internet services made possible by connecting a TV to the internet.

The Future of IPTV Prototype

Here, we introduce the dramatic lifestyle changes that will come with IPTV (Internet TV).

Link to VIERA!

See how easy it is to view photos and movies anywhere.

Try on our 3D Eyewear and experience a whole new world. Leading 3D World

This zone lets you experience a new world of dramatic images with Panasonic's 3D systems.

FULL HD 3D Presentation

The FULL HD 3D Presentation Stage groups our entire line-up of 3D displays — from 42-inch to the world's largest, 152-inch models — in a perfectly synchronized display. Enjoy these dynamic 3D images.

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About Booth

Venue: Makuhari Messe (Chiba, Japan)
Date: Oct. 5-9, 2010

• Special Invitation Day: Oct. 5 (Tue.)
10:00am - 5:00pm

• Free admission Day : Oct. 9 (Sat.)
10:00am - 5:00pm

CEATEC Microsite Link List

Cyber Showcase Blog

Panasonic "Booth-side" Report for people who want to go, but can't. Check out the details of Panasonic's booth!


Panasonic exhibition official account. Our staff tweet from inside the booth.

Panasonic 'eco ideas' Forum 2010

It's a chance for us to learn from and communicate together with the aim of realizing a sustainable society together under the concept of "eR = 'eco ideas' Relations."
Venue: Panasonic Center TOKYO
Date: Oct. 6 (Wed.) - 9 (Sat.), 2010

Panasonic Center TOKYO

We will be introducing some specific examples of our activities based on the vision of Panasonic's 100th anniversary together with the "'eco ideas' Forum 2010."

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