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The Largest Environmental Exhibition in Japan  Eco-Products 2010
Dec. 9 (Thu) – Dec. 11 (Sat), 2010 Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo

Panasonic Group Energy Solutions for Entire Towns

eco ideasIn 2018, which marks the company's 100th anniversary, Panasonic will launch a variety of environmental activities that are aimed toward its goal of becoming the No. 1 Green Innovation Company in the electronics industry.

The Panasonic booth at Eco-Products 2010 showcases the many
environmental activities that Panasonic and SANYO are
conducting throughout entire towns —
starting in homes and extending to stores,
buildings and public facilities —
together with a wide
array of products.

Eco-Products 2010 has ended.
Thank you very much for visiting the Panasonic booth.
Please stay tuned for our further latest news!!

‘eco ideas’ for Lifestyles

• Energy Solutions for Entire Towns Stage

  • · Home Corner
  • · Building/Office Corner
  • · Store Corner
  • · Public Area Corner
  • · Factory Corner
‘eco ideas’ for Business-styles

• Introduction Stage for Green Plan 2018

  • · Recycling-oriented Manufacturing
  • · Corporate Citizenship Activities
  • · Biodiversity

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What's New

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Displayed Products

‘eco ideas’ for Lifestyles

Home Corner

<Creating Energy>
Household Fuel Cell Cogeneration System
• Home Solar Power Generation System HIT®
<Storing Energy>
• Household Lithium-ion Storage Batteries
<Saving Energy>
Tilted-drum Washer/Dryer
• Vacuum Cleaner
• Self-cleaning Toilet “A La Uno”
• Heated Toilet Seat with warm water sprays
• Air Conditioner
• Ceiling Fluorescent Light “Spiral Palook”
Digital Photo Frame
• Air Purifier

• Cell Phone
• Microwave Oven
• Rice Cooker
• Dish Washer/Dryer
• Eco Cute (Natural refrigerant (CO2) heat pump water heater)
• Intelligent Home Energy Management System “Lifinity”
Home Energy Management System (HEMS)
SEG (Smart Energy Gateway)
• LED Lighting for Homes
• EV (Electric Vehicle)
Electric Charging Pole “ELSEEV”
• Pana Home: Housing with Virtually Zero CO2 Emissions - Research Building
‘eco ideas’ HOUSE

Building/Office Corner

<Creating Energy>
Home Solar Power Generation System HIT®
<Saving Energy>
HD Visual Communications System
• LED Lighting for Offices
• Air Conditioners for Offices

<Energy Management System>
• EMIT Building Controller “WeLBA”
i-Pro Series Network Camera

Store Corner

<Creating Energy>
Home Solar Power Generation System HIT®
<Storing Energy>
Industrial Lithium-ion Storage Batteries
<Saving Energy>
• Walk-in Refrigerator Showcase
• Non-Fluorocarbon Inverter Showcase (Hot & Cold)
Semi-Concealed Ceiling Unit
• Open Showcase

Energy Saving System for Stores
Electric Charging Pole “ELSEEV”
• LED Lighting for Stores
<Energy Management System>
Eco-Store System
• Combi Plus System
• Rental Solution for Synergetic Hybrid Bicycles

Factory Corner

<Creating Energy>
Home Solar Power Generation System HIT® Double Facade
<Storing Energy>
1.5MWh Lithium-ion Mega Battery System
Battery Management System
<Energy Management>
SES (Smart Energy System)
• STAIMS (SANYO Total Air-conditioning Intelligent Management System)

Kasai Green Energy Park
• Management System that Comply with Emissions Laws
• Making Energy Use in Factories Visible
• Illustration of Case Studies of Improvement on Saving Energy
• Eco-friendliness Throughout the Entire Factory

‘eco ideas’ for Business-styles

Recycling-oriented Manufacturing

Reduction in Total Resources Used
(Blu-ray Disc™ Recorder)
Recovering Recycled Resources
(Process for Refrigerator Recycling)
Utilizing Recycled Resources
(• New Eco Pumice Hydroculture FINE G Board Interlocking Paving Blocks Molded Trays for Refrigerators and Washing Machines)

Corporate Citizenship Activities

Panasonic's Environmental Activities
• Solar Energy Essay Contest by the SANYO Clean Technology Foundation


• Ecological Network
Bamboo-fiber Speaker
• Extinct Species Museum

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About Booth

Dec. 9 (Thu) - 11 (Sat), 2010
10:00 - 18:00
10:00 - 17:00 (Final Day)
East Hall 4, Tokyo Big Sight
(Tokyo, Japan)

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Kasai Green Energy Park

Kasai Green Energy Park

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