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(past)Dec 10(Tue) - Dec 12(Sat), 2009|Japan

Eco-Products 2009

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December 10 (Thu) - 12 (Sat), 2009

Opening hours

10:00 - 18:00
(Last day: until 17:00)


Tokyo International Exhibition Center "TOKYO BIG SIGHT" (East Hall)
(3-21-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
*Panasonic Booth is located in East Hall No.3

Admission Fee



The lifestyle with “Virtually Zero CO2 Emissions throughout the Entire House.” Panasonic is the only company who can propose this concept with a wide range of the business category.

Panasonic will expand this concept not only to a “house”, but also to a “whole society” as our future vision.

At Panasonic booth in Eco-Products 2009, we will show this concept and a variety of eco ideas with stage presentations and product displays.

CO2±0 Tour

The lifestyle with “Virtually Zero CO2 Emissions throughout the Entire House” would be realized by “Saving”, “Creating”, “Storing” energy and “Managing” all electronic devices in the entire house.

In this tour, you can learn “lifestyle with eco and comfort” through product demonstrations and experimental trials at following labs.

* This tour will be held regularly, so please feel free to join it.

Virtually Zero CO2 Emissions throughout the Entire House Tour

Product Lineup

Save Energy

  • Home Appliances with ‘eco-navi’
    • Air conditioner
    • Washing Machine
    • Refrigerator
    • Eco-cute
  • VIERA Link
    • VIERA
    • DIGA Blu-ray Disc Recorder
  • LED Lightings
    • Bulb-shaped LED Lamps
    • Household LED Lightings
  • Pana home

Create Energy

  • Household Solar Power Generators
  • Household Fuel Cell Cogeneration System

Store Energy

  • Household Lithium-ion Battery

Home Energy Management System

  • AC/DC Hybrid Power Distribution System
  • Home Network System ’Lifinity’

Energy-saving Solutions for Buildings and Office

  • HD video communication system
  • LED Lightings
  • Electric Assisted Bicycle

‘eco-ideas’ for Everybody, Everywhere

  • Panasonic ECO RELAY
  • Eco Picture Diary Contest

‘eco-ideas’ for Manufacturing

  • Energy-saving Manufacturing Products Recycling

Lifestyle with Virtually Zero CO2 Emissions Throughout the Entire House

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