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IFA Edition 50, Consumer Electrics Unlimited - Berlin, 3-8 Sept. 2010

Energy Solution [Eco products and Technology]

Panasonic's vision of becoming the No. 1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry by 2018, when it celebrates the 100th anniversary of its founding, is presented at IFA. Also on display is the company's core "Energy Solutions Business," based on the four pillars of creating, storing, saving and managing energy. This is an excellent opportunity to experience the "green life" that Panasonic envisions for the future.

Create Energy

The electricity used at home should be created at home.

Solar Power Generator

The HIT (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer) solar cells in this solar power generator have achieved the world's top class of energy conversion efficiency.

Household Fuel Cells

Household fuel cells create electricity by using hydrogen and oxygen. These energy-creating devices do not waste heat or energy.

Store Energy

Providing an efficient way to store electricity created at home for use whenever it is needed.

Lithium-Ion Storage Battery System

These storage battery modules respond to a wide variety of applications, from homes to buildings, offices and even electric vehicles (EV).

Save Energy

Further reducing the amount of energy used by home appliances.

VIERA 4x Luminous Efficiency

Energy-saving plasma technology has achieved four times the luminous efficiency of previous VIERA models.

Air-to-water Heat Pump System

These heat pump heating systems feature high efficiency and low-cost operation.


Long-life LED light bulbs save energy.

Manage Energy

Energy is efficiently used by connecting and controlling household devices.

Smart Energy Gateway (SEG)

The Smart Energy Gateway provides total control of the devices that create, store and save energy, by integrating data on electrical power and heat.

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About Booth

  • Date: 3-8 Sept. 2010
  • Venue: Messe Berlin, Germany

50th Anniversary of IFA. One of the world's largest consumer electronics and home appliance exhibitions

Panasonic Booth

Hall No.: 5.2a/b

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