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Bacterial Counter

Bacterial Counter/DU-AA01

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In approx. one minute

Rapid measurement of total bacteria count

Measurement result

On-site measurement of oral bacteria for oral care or oral hygiene instruction

Rapid detection
High accuracy
Easy to use
Results and display

Rapid detection

Rapid detection

Panasonic's unique bacteria detection technology "DEPIM" yields results that correlate closely with a conventional culture method in approximately one minute.

What is DEPIM?

DEPIM (DiElectroPhoretic Impedance Measurement) is a method that uses a microelectrode chip on which bacteria in liquids are captured by dielectrophoresis (DEP) and measures impedance change, which is then converted to bacterial concentration per mL of sample (cfu/mL).

High accuracy

Evidence shows that the results obtained with DEPIM closely correlate with those of a culture method for detection of oral bacteria.

Correlation with culture method

Easy to use

Anyone can easily operate this device in a variety of settings due to its compact size.

Easy to use image

Results and display


Results displayed as face icons representing a 7-level ranking system and as measured numerical values (LCD).


Up to 5000 results can be stored in the memory of the main unit. These data can be transferred to other PCs via a USB port for further analysis.

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Dimensions (W x H x D) 144 mm (5.7") × 147 mm (5.8") × 189 mm (7.4")
Mass Approx.1.3 kg (2.9 lbs.)

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The “Utility Software,” “Installation Manual” and “Utility Software Instruction Manual” for the Bacterial Counter bacteria count measuring device may be downloaded from the download page. Before use, it is necessary to click on the download page button and consent to the End User License Agreement pertaining to software. After carefully reading the Software End User License Agreement, indicate either “AGREE" or "DISAGREE.”

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