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Super electric iron

Super electric ironThe inexpensive Super Electric Iron was realized taking a hint from the mass production system adopted by Ford Motor Company.
The iron was completed and put on the market in 1927 as the first electric heating appliance.
The company began business in the electric heater field in 1927. At that time, electric heaters were too expensive for ordinary families to buy. So Konosuke Matsushita wanted to make an electric heating appliance that was of good quality yet was affordable to the general public. As a result, an innovative electric iron, in which a heater was sandwiched between iron plates, was developed as the company's first electric heating appliance. Its quantity was comparable to that of competitive models and yet it was about 30% cheaper. Konosuke thought that if the irons were mass-produced, they could be sold at a price that was affordable to many people, but the volume he came up with was equal to the total volume of the entire market at that time. He believed that a high-quality product at a reasonable price would be welcomed by the general public. The Super Electric Iron sold well and its technology was highly evaluated.

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