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1/2-horsepower, 3-phase induction motor

1/2-horsepower, 3-phase induction motor
The company's first motor, a 1/2-horsepower, 3-phase induction motor, started in 1934.
In 1933, manufacturers of heavy electric machinery and equipment dominated the motor industry. It was at that time when Matsushita Electric, whose main line of business was home electric appliances, entered the small-sized motor field. Only electric fans and a few other home electric appliances used small motors in those days.

In answering a question from a newspaper reporter at a press conference announcing the company's inroads into the motor industry, Konosuke Matsushita commented, "As the living standards of the general public rise in the future, I'm sure that the day will come when a household uses an average of more than ten motors. The need for motors is just infinite."
The first model was developed in 1934. As the company rapidly expanded its business, Konosuke's prediction proved right with the advent of the home electric appliance age after World War II.

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