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VHS video tape recorder with up to 4-hour recording capability

Photo: the company's first VHS video tape recorder,

The first VHS home video, with outstanding features of long recording capability and clear and sharp screen image, was put on the market in 1977. The "2-to-4-hour VHS VTR", the VBT200, was developed in the same year to meet the consumer desire to record full-length broadcasts of American football games, an improvement over the recording time of 2 hours with the conventional VHS system.
The company actively talked with overseas companies to obtain OEM customers for the VHS video recorders. In February 1977, President Masaharu Matsushita visited leading manufacturers in the U.S. to have direct talks with their representatives. Then in March, RCA made an offer and it was decided that Panasonic would supply RCA with VHS-type Video Cassette Recorders built to RCA's specifications.
The development of a VTR capable of recording for long hours prompted many manufacturers in the world to adopt the VHS system, which became the standard format for the home VTR.

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