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About Panasonic

Panasonic Konosuke Matsushita Museum

Products on Display

The Panasonic Konosuke Matsushita Museum displays the first models of various electric appliances that were developed by Panasonic and greatly contributed to the companys' prosperity. Below are examples of those appliances, including some from the company's early years.

* Developed in 1918 - 1933
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Improved Attachment Plug 1918
Improved Attachment Plug

First product. Because it was better in quality and 30%-50% lower in price than competitors' models, the plug was an immediate success.
Double Outlet Plug 1918
Double Outlet Plug

Rotary Attachment Plug 1919
Rotary Attachment Plug

Double Cluster Socket 1920
Double Cluster Socket

Double Cluster Socket 1920
Double Cluster Socket

Bullet-shaped Battery-powered Bicycle Light 1923
Bullet-shaped Battery-powered Bicycle Light

Providing a battery life of over ten times that of conventional lights, the light won high acclaim in the market.
Super Electric Iron 1927
Super Electric Iron

Designated as an excellent domestic product in 1930 by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
Square Battery-powered Light 1927
Square Battery-powered Light

This light helped support business expansion in the early Showa Era.
Round-type Reflection Electric Heater 1928
Round-type Reflection Electric Heater

First electric heater.
Electric [Kotatsu] Heater 1929
Electric "Kotatsu" Heater
(Foot Warmer)

First electric kotatsu heater. This product had a double-safety design with a high-performance thermostat and thermal fuse.
Thermostat for Electric Kotatsu Heater 1929
Thermostat for Electric Kotatsu Heater

First thermostat for electric kotatsu heater. This product featured low interference and was highly evaluated everywhere for its advanced technology.
Electrical Socket with Switch 1929
Electrical Socket with Switch

First electrical socket with switch put on the market in response to high demand.
First 3-Tube Radio 1931
First 3-Tube Radio

First video set. It won first prize in the Tokyo Central Broadcasting Station Radio Receiver Contest.
Dry Battery 1931
Dry Battery

First dry battery for large lights.


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