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Panasonic Konosuke Matsushita Museum

Products on Display

* Developed in 1959 - 1979
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Automatic Rice Cooker 1959
Automatic Rice Cooker

Start of expansion of rice cooker business.
Miniature 6-transister Radio 1959
Miniature 6-transister Radio

This was the world's smallest radio at that time.
17-inch color TV 1960
17-inch color TV

First table-type color TV set.
6-Transister Table-top Radio [Pana Pet] 1963
6-Transister Table-top Radio "Pana Pet"

This hit product sold more than one million units.
Portable Audio Tape Recorder [Mysonic] 1963
Portable Audio Tape Recorder "Mysonic"

This recorder became known as the '¥10,000 product'.
High Performance Dry Battery [Hi-Top] 1963
High Performance Dry Battery "Hi-Top"

The first in a series of longer-life dry batteries.
Hi-Fi Stereo Radiophonograph [Asuka] 1964
Hi-Fi Stereo Radiophonograph "Asuka"

First of successful series of stereophonic equipment with traditional Japanese furniture design.
High-Performance Small Speaker System [Technics 1] 1965
High-Performance Small Speaker System "Technics 1"

First "Technics" product.
[Technics] Direct-Drive Turntable 1970
"Technics" Direct-Drive Turntable

World's first commercial direct-drive turntable.
Facsimile Machine for Office Use 1973
Facsimile Machine for Office Use

Japan's first office facsimile.
Ultra-thin Radio [PEPPER] 1977
Ultra-thin Radio "PEPPER"

First ultra-thin radio in the world using an innovative mounting technique and components.


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