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About Panasonic

Panasonic Konosuke Matsushita Museum

Listen and watch as Konosuke Matsushita expresses his thinking and approach to life in his own words.
The Konosuke Video Library provides six monitors and a comfortable environment for relaxed, independent study of Konosuke's ideals and philosophy. You can choose from a rich selection of video content with a user-friendly touch screen.

A wide range of content is available, including photos dating from Konosuke's apprentice days as well as photos tracing the development of Panasonic products. Also available is video footage of the prewar period, of Konosuke's internal and external speeches during the postwar period, and of important moments in Panasonic's history, as well as footage edited for during special exhibitions.
Approximately 500 video selections are available in Japanese, English and Mandarin.

History Digest

A 12-minute summary of Panasonic's history, beginning with Konosuke's early life.

1932: Corporate mission announced

"The employees were all struck by the mission's loftiness and the plan's grandeur.
This ceremony marked the establishment of the core of Panasonic's management philosophy."


The development of Panasonic, from Konosuke's birth to the present day.

1918: Panasonic launched

"With his wife and his brother-in-law, 23 year-old Konosuke attended to the manufacturing of insulation plates for electric fans. He stayed up late at night, refining his designs for electrical fixtures."

1960s: Global operations

In 1969, Konosuke said, "We have to think global, and conduct business on a global scale."


Videos trace the development of Panasonic products.

Our lifestyle and Panasonic

"In the fall of 1931, a radio was launched on the Japanese market. It was the new National radio, named the Tosen-go (Winner)."


Hear Konosuke expressing his views on life and his view on management.

1966: No bargaining for sweat and elbow grease

"I thought of my young employees who made these products with sweat and elbow grease. I felt that I should not sell such products at unreasonably low prices."

1973: Our first newspaper advertisement, published in 1927

"I spent three nights working on our first three-line advertisement, trying to arrive at the optimum design, attending to such details as the font style and strength, and even the letter spacing."

Special Exhibitions

Video from special exhibitions held since 1999.

1964: Sell your products through your own efforts

"You must sell your products through your own efforts. You should be the master of the situation and never relinquish this mastery."

Selected Videos

The meaning of business

"Making a profit for oneself is not the fundamental reason for engaging in business. One does business because there is a social need to do so. If you don't clearly grasp this sense of mission you will not succeed in business."