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Panasonic Konosuke Matsushita Museum

Short Stories about the Museum
A Bronze Statue of Konosuke Matsushita
In the front courtyard of the Konosuke Matsushita Museum, you will see a bronze statue of Konosuke.

This statue was commissioned by the Panasonic labor union as a gift to Konosuke on the occasion of the union's 40th anniversary. It was a token of appreciation for his efforts to improve labor conditions and welfare based on his philosophy of developing people before making products, and for his work in helping to forge a sound labor-management relationship based on his insight into the dynamism of opposition and harmony. The bronze statue, therefore, represents the company's determination to continue into the future the sound labor-management relationship that has been fostered throughout the company's history.

On November 27, 1986, Konosuke's 92nd birthday, a ceremony to formally present this gift took place in the grounds of this museum. In the presence of Konosuke himself and about 150 participants including senior members of the labor union, Masaharu Matsushita, then Chairman of the company, and Tomihisa Maekawa, representing some 80,000 labor union members, unveiled the bronze statue. It was decided that this full-length statue made by bronze, 3.5 meters in height and weighing 320 kilograms, would stand permanently on this site.

Looking at the unveiled bronze statue, Konosuke responded:
“I am deeply grateful. In this likeness, I appear to be a little younger than I really am. I take this as a warm message from you, encouraging me to stay young at heart and to keep on going without being troubled by my physical age. I am reminded of a day in January 1946, when I congratulated employees on the formation of a labor union at Matsushita Electric. The development of Matsushita Electric up to this day owes much to the cooperative support of its labor union.”



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