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Panasonic Konosuke Matsushita Museum

Short Stories about the Museum
Konosuke and Bicycles
As a boy, Konosuke served an apprenticeship at the Godai Bicycle Shop. He once was heard to say, “I grew up in the bicycle industry. I was raised by the bicycle industry.” One of his early inventions was a bullet-shaped bicycle lamp, and he was passionate about bicycles. In the early days, he would personally test-ride every model marketed by Panasonic.

There is an interesting anecdote from his time as an apprentice at the Godai Bicycle Shop. Konosuke was looking forward having a photo taken with others on the anniversary of the shop's opening. However, the photo session happened while he was out of the shop on an errand. Upon learning that he had been left out of the photo, Konosuke wept with regret. However, the sympathetic wife of the shop owner brought him to a photo studio where he had his picture taken with her. This picture is on display at the Konosuke Matsushita Museum.

Bicycle racing was very popular in those days. Racers frequented the Godai Bicycle Store because it also sold racing machines. Saying, “I would like to be a bicycle racer,” Konosuke participated in racing competitions, and even won first prize in one event. But, after taking a fall during a race, he gave up training and would never race again.

During his apprenticeship at the Godai Bicycle Shop, Konosuke was taught to obey the strict disciplines of a merchant, which included how to greet customers and to bow. “This helped me greatly later in my life,” commented Konosuke.

In the museum, you will see a bicycle with the bullet-shaped bicycle lamp.



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