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The Chronological Exhibition Area (The Hoichi Kai Corner) Within the te
In the chronological exibition area, the Hoichi-Kai corner may catch your eye.
Amidst the intensifying labour movements in 1920,Konosuke formed the "Hoichi-Kai", an employee organization in which all employees of the company, including himself participated.
Why the name "Hoichi-Kai"? That was developed based on their slogan, "We all walk together one step at a time." Here, take a look at the real flag and hat of the Hoichi-Kai, and listen to the first company song stemming from the Hoichi-Kai society song.
  The Chronological Exhibition Area
Ishiyama Temple, Shiga Prefecture. Konosuke in a suit, front row left from center.

photo Enlarged view of Konosuke

sound Listen to the official Hoichi-Kai society song (1931) (ASF 172K)


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