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The Main Display Corner
The Main Display Corner
This audio/video corner introduces Konosuke's thought on management and his view of life in his own voice and actual images.
The presentation includes " Konosuke's Realization of True Mission", "On Management","Talking About Life", and "On Human Development".

movie Movie of Konosuke (ASF 348K)
Konosuke at the launching ceremony for electric lamps in 1932

sound Listen to Konosuke (ASF 172K)
"Difficulties Present Opportunities For Growth" from "Talking About Life" in 1964

sound Listen to Konosuke (ASF 328K)
"Reform on an Unprecedented Scale" from "On Management" in 1971
sound Listen to Konosuke (ASF 216K)
"Management by All Employees" from "On Management" in 1972

sound Listen to Konosuke (ASF 204K)
"The Secret Of Success" from "Talking About Life" in 1979

*You can listen to 35 Konosuke's speeches in this corner.


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