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President's Office
A recreation of the President's Office at the Matsushita Housewares Manufacturing Works (1933). Konosuke used this office until 1937. Here, listen to six recordings of Konosuke. This too has proven to be a favorite spot for many.
  President's Office

sound Listen to a message from Konosuke  (ASF 168K)
An excerpt from "The Spirit of Service"

Young apprentices of my generation were often told by those above us that a merchant who hoped to prosper in the long run must at times endure losses over the short run. The meaning of the old saw "take a loss now and reap the rewards later" is still crystal-clear; a merchant who refuses to do anything that does not bring immediate rewards will never succeed. This principle applies not only to business; it holds true for every aspect of one's social life. Today we would put it in different terms, like "Service-first and foremost " or "The first thing to do is offer the customer that little extra something.


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