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The Hi-Vision Theater
The Hi-Vision Theater presents following three original films on the management philosophy and life views of Konosuke Matsushita.

"Konosuke Matsushita: Business Spirit"
"Konosuke Matsushita: Thoughts on Realizing Your Potential"
"Konosuke Matsushita: Beautiful Japan"

  The Hi-Vision Theater
  • Each video runs about 11 minutes.

  • The videos are shown every 30 minutes.

  • The video can be enjoyed in English, Chinese, and Japanese.

  • sound Recording of Konosuke (ASF 224K)
    An excerpt from "Beautiful Japan"

    I Want to Be Born in Japan Again.
    I must say that I am happy I was born in Japan. Naturally, as a people the Japanese are said to have both a variety of strengths and weaknesses alike. However when one takes a look at our land full of tradition and history as well as our national character, one can honestly say that they all are quite special and unique. Therefore, in this sense, I can't but feel joy about being Japanese.


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