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This site is for KWN participating schools only

What is the KWN Our Place?

The KWN Our Place is an on-line bulletin board that allows everyone who participates in KWN activities to interact, read and write news items and submit comments over the network. We hope that students from all participating schools will use the bulletin board to facilitate cross-school communication.


1. This bulletin is not open for view to the general public. Any school that is participating in KWN activities may apply for an ID and password, after which they may create their own school page and comment on other schools' pages.

2. Registered schools can upload articles and photos to the bulletin board.
*Posts may be deleted or amended at the discretion of the moderator. Your understanding in this matter is appreciated.

3. Please refrain from sending posts or uploading photos or other material that may invade personal privacy or which are generally inappropriate.

4. Please read the information at the following links when using this website: (Terms of Use) (privacy)
*It is essential to read the information at these links as they contain information about copyright and trademark registration.

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