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Behind the Scenes 2008 Beijing Episode5

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games are Almost there

And Panasonic is on the Scene vol.5

Keita Yasuda
Zhang Qi
Panasonic Corporation of China
Beijing Olympic project manager

Hello, my name is Zhang Qi (Paris), and I'm in charge of Olympic Marketing at Panasonic Corporation of China. I'm in Beijing right now, where the entire world focused on the heated sports events of the Summer Olympic games . In my report, I'm speaking to you both as a Panasonic employee and as a local Beijing resident, as I will try to describe the excitement inside the venues and the atmosphere on the city, as well as our activities in support of it all.

In keeping with the preparations that began soon after Beijing was selected to host the Summer Olympic Games, Panasonic Corporation of China deployed a stream of advertisements, public relations events, and exhibits to promote Panasonic's Olympic support. In particular, our collaboration with the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee to hold the large-scale "One-year countdown," "100-day countdown," and "Olympic Live Site" events helped to build everyone's expectations toward the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, and also emphasized Panasonic's role as a TOP sponsor.

Finally, August 8th arrived, the day of the opening ceremony. World renowned movie director Zhang Yimou masterfully controlled the colors, the sounds, and the massive cast of performers in this magnificent pageant, and moved the hearts of everyone who saw it.

A major factor supporting the ceremony was the use of Panasonic's large-scale Astrovision video system and RAMSA sound system. The Panasonic message of "Sharing the Passion" was actually on display during the performance. I was filled with emotion as I joined in the excitement that electrified the stadium.

Along with the heated venues where the world's top athletes are competing, the festive atmosphere has also reached the streets. This is the first time I've ever seen so many overseas visitors in Beijing. In addition to ordinary tourists, there were also many media from around the world. They were using the Media Press Center, which is located inside the Beijing Olympic Green, as their main base of operations for information transmission. Here at the Media Press Center, where over 7,000 members of the press are gathered, Panasonic Plasma TVs are helping to transmitting the information in many areas. We have Panasonic HD corner, where we displayed 65 inch Plasma TV and panels to introduce both our 20-year history as an Olympic sponsor, and our technological strength.

The advertisements that are on display at the airport and throughout the city, as described by Keita Yasuda in Volume 4 of this report, have been a very important part of our work. For the duration of the Beijing Olympic Games, advertisements and images based on our HD technology and VIERA Link are blanketing the streets of Beijing. Here at China Millennium Monument, a large-scale Panasonic display and set-top box are displayed to bring live footage of all the thrilling Olympic events to the people who gather in High Definiton. Also a whole area is covered by Panasonic Olympic advertisements, creating the Olympic excitement in the area. If you're in the area, be sure to stop by and check it out for yourself.

The last thing I want to introduce is the "Passion Stage," an event that was set up by the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee inside the Olympic Green. The singing and dancing that were performed here are also shown on two Panasonic Astrovisions. When I went to cover the event for my report, there was Chinese traditional entertainment show. I almost forgot that I was there to make a report as I got carried away by the exciting applause that filled the park.

This is the fifth and final volume of the Panasonic Olympic Report in Beijing 2008. The reporters, including myself, who have brought you these reports are only a handful of the Panasonic staff who are supporting the Beijing Olympic Games. Still, all of us are grateful if we've been able to offer you a glimpse of the true "passion" that we share in our goal of making the Beijing Olympic Games a great success. For those of you who visited Beijing for the Games, and those of you who weren't able to make it this time, we hope that we will still be able to see you here sometime in the near future! Zai Jian! (Hope to see you again!)


Equipment supplied by Panasonic
  • Large-scale video displays 18venues, 25 displays
  • Professional audio systems 41venues, 284 systems
  • Televisions: approx. 10,000 monitors
  • DLP Projector: 11screens
  • AV security equipment: approx. 2,000 units
  • P2HD/DVCPRO HD Recorder: approx. 2000 units
  • P2HD Camera Recorder: approx. 100 units
  • LCD monitor: approx. 1500 units