Panasonic Signs Official Worldwide Olympic Partnership Agreement

Sharing the Passion

Panasonic is committed to "Sharing the Passion"
of athletes with people around the world and connecting people who are passionate about sports and the Olympic Games.
As an Official Worldwide Olympic Partner for over two decades,

Panasonic has met the stringent demands of professional broadcasting and assured smooth operation even in harsh environments.
Panasonic contributes for the better life and better world through our audio video equipment technology and expertise as the TOP Partner.

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    Delivering Olympic Games Excitement to the World
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For more than 25 years

The Olympic Partner

TOP Sponsors are integral members of The Olympic Partner (TOP) Program managed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). TOP sponsors have the privilege of supporting both the Summer and Olympic Winter Games for the entire four-year period.
Panasonic is proud to support the Olympic Movement which aims to promote world peace through sports. Panasonic has been an Official Worldwide Olympic Partner in the Audio and Visual Equipment category for more than 25 years, ever since The Olympic Partner (TOP) Program was introduced at the Calgary Olympic Winter Games in 1988.