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Software Upgrade program download
Software Upgrade program download
*SD Memory Card
This product (CN-GP50N) supports SD memory cards of up to 2GB capacity.
Cards of 4GB or larger (SDHC memory cards) are not supported as they use a different standard.
*Regarding stored data settings in the CN-GP50N:
When software is installed, your stored Favorites and Settings data in the main unit will be erased. All such settings will return to their defaults. Therefore, after installation, please follow standard procedures to store your desired settings again.
Please observe the following otherwise data may become corrupted, the SD memory card may be damaged, or the product may malfunction:
(We shall not be held responsible for any damage caused by loss of data.)
  • Do not turn off this product while writing data to an SD memory card.
  • Always store the SD memory card in its case after removing it from this product.
  • Do not touch or contaminate the terminal(s) on the back of this product by hands or any metal.
  • Do not remove any seals or labels from this product.
  • Do not attach other seals or labels over the original ones.
  • Do not apply strong impact on, bend, drop, or put this product into water.
  • Always use the dedicated adapter (included in the miniSD or microSD card) when using a miniSD or microSD card with this product.
    Be sure to insert and remove the adapter itself; do not leave the adapter attached to this product.
step_picture/Step1:Download the upgrade program file from the site and Save the file to your SD memory card/Step2:Please see the Installation Manual
Applicable Model CN-GP50N Print Manual Program Downroad

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