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No.1 What are any notes about installation of external microphone or speaker? [FAQ: Audio Featue]

Answer... If you install the camera outdoors, external microphone or external speaker must be outdoor compatible.

No.2 What are electrical characteristics of the external microphone input terminal? [FAQ: Audio Featue]
Answer... The external microphone input terminal does not correspond to a line level. Audio may be distorted when the line level is input. Audio distortion will be solved if you insert the following circuits. Under no circumstance should high level audio, such as from a speaker, be connected to this input terminal. Doing so is likely to damage the camera.

No.3 The voice button is not displayed on the multi-camera page. [FAQ: Audio Featue]
Answer... When selecting [All] at the View Type, all images are displayed in 160 x 120 pixels resolution, and the Audio Control Bar is not displayed.

No.4 Can I hear a sound from the camera using a cell phone? [FAQ: Audio Featue]
  • Audio feature does not work on cell phones.
  • If the features are not permitted on the General User page, the buttons related with the features are not displayed.

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