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No.1 What is SSL? [FAQ: C140_C160]

Answer... This is data security technology to protect against intercepting data or hacking data by encrypting communicating data. This is used for communication of internet banking or settlement of credit card payment.
No.2 When does LED illuminate? [FAQ: C140_C160]
Answer... There are four options.
  1. [When Dark]: The light turns on if the camera's brightness sensor detects darkness.
  2. [Motion or Sensor Detection]: The light turns on when the motion detection feature or sensor makes detection.
  3. [Motion or Sensor Detection When Dark]: The light turns on when the motion detection feature or sensor makes detection when it is dark.
  4. [Off]: The light never turns on

No.3 What item is required to use SSL? [SSL] [FAQ: C140_C160]
Answer... Basically nothing is required. Only browser should support SSL. IE Ver.6 or newer is supported SSL.
No.4 How to configure camera to use SSL? [SSL] [FAQ: C140_C160]
Answer... Administrator of camera can define to use SSL. User will be required to use SSL if enabled.
No.5 How difference will performance is by using SSL function? [SSL] [FAQ: C140_C160]
Answer... Data processing and outputting speed will be affected by using SSL function. Since this number is affected by not only SSL function, but also image type and network condition. It is hard to describe the level of how influenced. The number of user who can access camera at same time will be reduced by using SSL function from 30 to 10, in case of using MPEG-4; maximum number of user is reduced from 10 to 5 users.

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