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No.1 There is a howling sound present. [FAQ: HCS301]

Answer... [Cause]
The microphone connected to the audio input is too close to the speaker connected to the audio output and the audio output setting is [Local Audio] or [Local Audio + Remote Audio].

Set [Remote Audio] on the Audio page, or increase the distance between the microphone and the speaker to prevent the howling sound.
No.2 Vertical and horizontal black lines appear on the image. [FAQ: HCS301]
Answer... [Cause]
The cause is the fluctuation of the camera's video output.

To prevent the black lines, adjust the picture position.
No.3 The message "Inputting copyguard signal" is displayed on the Single page. [FAQ: HCS301]
Answer... The recording of most video and DVD software on the market is prohibited, therefore those images cannot be transmitted from or displayed on this product.
No.4 Can I use digital zoom feature while monitoring analog camera image? [FAQ: HCS301]
Answer... Yes.
BB-HCS301 support digital zoom up to 10x.
No.5 BB-HCS301 can be cascade connected up to 5 units. By this cascade connection, it will allow max. 150 accesses. Are there any limitations? [FAQ: HCS301]
Answer... Since one BB-HCS301 needs 4Mbps bandwidth, total 20bps band width is necessary.

Increasing number of connections may reduce frame rate or cause a reduction of voice quality.
No.6 The image is whitish and unclear. [FAQ: HCS301]
  1. [Cause1]
    The cable is connected to the video output terminal, but the opposite side of the cable is not connected.
    Connect the cable to the input terminal of the monitor.

  2. [Cause2]
    The monitor has a termination resistor switch, and the switch is off (HI-Z).
    Turn the termination resistor switch off (75 ).

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