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No.1 The Wireless indicator of the BB-HGW700 is orange. [FAQ: BB_HGW700]

Answer... The wireless device is not connected, or the SSID/ WEP is not correct. Reconfirm the SSID/WEP of the BB-HGW700 and the wireless device.
No.2 When KX-HGW600/BB-HGW700 and the network camera of two or more series are registered at the home network station automatically, the second camera does not register correctly. [Troubleshoot: HGW600] [FAQ: BB_HGW700]
Answer... It is necessary to factory default the KX/BB-HCM series camera.

Perform the following steps.
  1. Push the CLEAR SETTING button of the camera with the power supply connected.
  2. Wait for the initialization operation of the camera to complete.

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